Project Developer


A fixture of GDR’s team since 1998, Eric is responsible for project development, estimating and preparing projects for the production department as he develops construction proposals. Eric gained his wellspring of construction knowledge by being personally immersed in it throughout his whole life.

Eric’s earliest childhood memory of the carpentry trade was seeing his father hammering away on a rooftop. He then decided to pursue it on his own during his high school summer vacations. Eric worked in residential construction for over five years, shifted to commercial construction for seven years, and spent one year in cabinetry making. What an ideal candidate he was to build his own Cape Cod home in 1986! Eric spent some time working outside of the construction industry in production and warehouse positions at Hatfield Quality Meats and as a clerk in a feed mill store.

The things that Eric loves about working at GDR are the way the company values family life and personal relationships. “I have never been turned down for time away from work to spend time with family or deal with personal issues.” The experience of working in a beautifully renovated barn, the tight knit relationship he has developed with co-workers, and the continual team effort that is brought to every project helps make work seem less like work.

Eric graduated from Christopher Dock Mennonite High School, has been married for 30+ years and has three grown sons. He is a member of Grace Mennonite Church, Lansdale.

Eric’s simple “life” philosophy is to treat people with the respect each person deserves. One of Eric’s favourite quotes is “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have”.

CertainTeed Quality Master