Hiring An Architect & A Contractor Separately Can Lead To Budget Overruns, Communication Gaps, Project Delays… And Underwhelming Results.

Our All-Under-One-Roof Design/Build Process Delivers A Spectacular Remodel… And Eliminates The “Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen” Pitfalls That Can Occur When You Hire An Architect & A Builder Separately.

Homeowners use their Kitchens in a variety of ways. Some use it as a central hub of activity for family, friends, and company. Others use it as a more traditional space to cook meals. And some homeowners use their Kitchens as a kind of social-activity/cooking-area hybrid. At Gehman Design Remodeling, we can help you achieve the Kitchen remodel of your dreams—no matter if you want a social area, a cooking space, or something in between. Keep reading to find out how we do it.

Designing Your Kitchen

We make designing your Kitchen a fun, rewarding experience. You’ll work directly with one of our expert Remodeling Consultants to brainstorm hundreds of ideas and discover your perfect design. During this process, your Remodeling Consultant will consider your budget and what you want to accomplish with your new Kitchen. We’ll ask you tons of questions and truly listen to you. Based on what you want, your Remodeling Consultant will create 3D models of your project. The rendering technology we use is tremendously convenient because you can try out dozens of ideas in real time. For instance, want to know how a granite-top island would look in your new kitchen? Or check out different cabinet options? Or review different types of tile for your backsplash? With a few clicks, your designer can show you. We do not do “cookie-cutter” or impractical Kitchen design. We design your Kitchen remodel so it’s unique to your tastes and your needs. We really make you part of the process and rely on your collaboration to make your Kitchen remodel a success. So when your family, friends, and neighbors fawn over your new beautiful Kitchen, you can say, “Thanks—I designed it!”

Odds are that a remodeling company will say they don’t perform this kind of structural work. That means if you hire that remodeler, you’ll have to also hire a specialist to do this work for you—or settle for a project that’s in line with the remodeler’s capabilities (even though it not may be in line with want you want). For an example, let’s say you want to remove the wall that separates your kitchen and living room. Unfortunately, many remodelers don’t perform this type of work. Which results in sacrificing aspects of your dream remodel and investing in a project you’re not completely happy with. Sure, the actual Kitchen remodel may look great… but you still have that wall separating your Kitchen and Living Room. At Gehman Design Remodeling, we want you to get the exact remodel you envisioned.

We specialize in structural work such as removing load-bearing walls. If your dream project requires us to remove a wall, we’ll remove it and install rock-solid, heavy-duty support beams in the wall’s place. You’ll have a beautiful open space that is structurally sound and looks clean.

And we don’t just handle load-bearing walls; we come up with solutions for many types of “challenging” remodeling issues. For instance, while designing a Kitchen remodel that involved removing the center load bearing wall for one of our Clients, we discovered that inside the wall were more than a dozen electric wires, numerous plumbing drain pipes, multiple water pipes, several runs of ductwork to the second floor and the chimney from the furnace in the Basement.

Other remodelers would have either left the mechanicals in place or made the homeowner hire a separate company to move them. But because we have specialists for just about every issue, we brought in our own in-house experts to safely and properly relocate all of the mechanical items.

Building Your Kitchen

One thing clients always say about us is that we take the often difficult construction process and make it easy. We do this through a combination of efficient project management, a sense of urgency, total respect for your home, and award-winning craftsmanship. Here’s a step-by-step look at how we do it:

  • Planning Your Kitchen Project. Our construction team collaborates with our designers to ensure your project turns out exactly how you and your Remodeling Consultant envisioned. Before hammer meets nail, your personal Project Manager configures the construction process and timeline.

  • Accountability. We have specialists for just about every part of your Kitchen remodel. Everyone working on your project knows his role, when to show up, and what work he needs to perform on any given day. This makes for a streamlined construction process and ensures that only the necessary workers show up everyday to minimize “foot traffic” in your home.

  • We Work Straight Through. We work on your Kitchen remodel all day, Monday thru Thursday. Your Project Manager is a working tradesmen on sight each work day start to finish of your project to oversee your Kitchen remodel at all times to ensure everything is going right.

  • In-House Craftsmen. All of our craftsmen are trained, certified employees—not inexperienced subcontractors. This makes certain that your Kitchen remodel is built with the highest quality and attention to detail. Not only are our craftsmen skilled builders—they’re nice people. Always happy, always respectful, and always looking to make your experience easy and pleasant.

  • Warranties With Teeth. Your Kitchen remodel is protected by a 5-year workmanship warranty and a 10-year structural warranty. Should an issue occur (which is rare in our case, but does occasionally happen) under either of these warranties, you’re fully covered and won’t have to spend a dime.

Loving Your Kitchen

Completing a Kitchen remodel is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have as a homeowner. This is especially the case if the remodel is as good—or better—than what you imagined. And “better than I imagined!” is what we specialize in. For example, one of our Clients in Lansdale says that every person who visits her home says she has “by far the nicest Kitchen they have ever seen.” Another of our Kitchen Clients in Worcester says “everything they have done has just been sheer perfection.”

You can watch the video testimonials on this page to see more of our happy Clients. And when you hire us for your Kitchen remodel, you can be the next homeowner to experience the pure joy only a beautiful new Kitchen can provide.

Want To Get Started?

If you want more information or would like to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, contact us today. In addition to superior design and construction work, we also specialize in structural changes many remodelers don’t. So if your dream Kitchen involves knocking down some load-bearing walls to create more space, we can make that happen. Whatever your vision, we can design and build it.