A Call For Questions

One of the functions of our blog is to interact with the public.
We would welcome any questions that you may have concerning any part of the remodeling process.

Here are some “primer” questions that we have for you to get you thinking.

1.      Do you have a remodeling experience that you would like to share? Good or bad.

2.      Are you anticipating a remodeling project and have questions you would like answered before you start?

3.      Specific product questions? If we don’ know, we can certainly point you in the right direction.

4.      Design questions? Are you at an impasse on how to overcome a design conundrum? Let us help!

5.      Just want to bounce some ideas off of someone before you “go public” with them? We are here for you.

Don’t be shy.

Remember, we want this blog to be a resource to help make remodeling more enjoyable and less scary. Also to share ideas and comments.

Check back continually and contribute often.

That’s what it’s all about.

Happy Remodeling!

Next Time… Project Log – Dust & Dirt

Q&A&CQuestions and Answers and Comments are expected and welcomed.

YOUR STORY – Tell us about your remodeling experiences, good or bad. We all have had them and perhaps you can help someone else have a great remodeling experience or avoid the issues that you encountered. Remember…keep it clean and civil or we can’t publish it.

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