Q: Why should I choose Gehman Design Remodeling for my project?

A: We do fantastic work—and do it in a way that makes the entire remodeling process easy on you. We work within your budget to deliver you a superior project at a great investment. We help you through the entire design process to discover the perfect remodel for your style, needs, and home specifications. And we pull it all off with a “no-hiccups” construction process and world-class craftsmanship. You will love just how pleasant we make your experience.
Q: Do you provide free estimates?

A:  No. There’s a fee for our professional services. Estimating most remodeling projects takes many hours, if not days or weeks. The first step is an in-home consultation for a fee(based on the size and scope of the project). This fee includes a second appointment in our showroom where you can get to know us better. We’ll show you pictures of projects we’ve done that are similar to what you’re planning. Introduce you to our 3D design software and share our Opinion of Probable Cost document that gives bullet points of the work you want to have done with a budget range as our best guess of the investment amount.


Q: How are your prices? Low? Medium? High?

A: The old saying “you get what you pay for” is especially true in the remodeling industry. And when you hire us, you’re paying for QUALITY and EXCEPTIONAL service. Are we the cheapest? No—if you’re price shopping (which is NOT a good idea), you can definitely find someone who will remodel your home for a cheaper price than we will. Are we overpriced? Absolutely not—we charge what it takes to do the job right. Not a penny more.

Q: How can I be sure I’m getting the best price for a quality job?

A: The best way for you to get a great project at a fair price is to ensure the contractor you’ve hired has a good reputation. Does the company have a sizeable amount of positive reviews? Do they belong to any associations? Do they have a client-reference list you can call? Have they won any awards for their work? These are the things a quality contractor should be able to provide you. Check out our Reputation page to see some of our own reviews, awards, and associations. By looking through this section, you’ll see that we can provide you with superior service at a reasonable investment.
Q: How are your workers? Are they employees or subcontractors? Are they certified and background checked?

A: We utilize only expert, in-house, friendly craftsmen for your project. Your remodel is too important to us to outsource it to subcontractors. Check out our Workmanship page for more details.

Q: What is your stance on sales pressure?

A: We are firmly against any kind of sales pressure. We focus on building trusting relationships with our clients—and starting off with a high-pressure, arm-twisting consultation is not how to make a homeowner trust you. We get to know you, ask questions, and actually listen… no pressure whatsoever. We never force you into anything—YOU are the ultimate decision maker.
Q: Will you complete my project from start to finish, or work on multiple jobs at once?

A: We never take on more jobs than we can handle. We are a big enough company to handle multiple jobs at once, WHILE working on your project from start to finish. This ensures your remodel is done quickly, efficiently, and with the quality you deserve.
Q: Do I need to move out of my house while you’re working?

A: Unless it’s a very large-scale project, no. Anything we can do to make the remodeling experience easy on you, we will do. Read more about Our Process and Workmanship pages to see how we keep your stress to a minimum and make the entire process as easy and straightforward as possible. Also check out our Video Reviews. You’ll notice that all of our clients say the same thing—we make the remodeling experience easier than imagined!
Q: How do your warranties stack up to your competitors’?

A: The industry-average labor warranty is one year. We feel that’s much too short of a time—if a problem is going to occur, it’s almost never going to happen within the first year. That’s why we offer a 5-year warranty on our craftsmanship and 10-year structural warranty. We rarely make mistakes or have to return to fix something. But in the occasional instance something does go wrong, you’re protected.
Q: How can I be sure I get what I want?

A: Our thorough process allows you to see the design and materials before we start construction. We take your remodeling dreams from your mind, design them so you can visualize your project, and then bring them to life in your home. Read about Our Process for more details.