Automation and Connectivity in the Bathroom

You want to get away. You also need to stay connected. You really enjoy a good book. You want to relax listening to your favorite Yani C.D. How can you have all of these and still have vacation days left over to spend with your family?

You can create an oasis right in the confines of your very own home. Your Master Bathroom can be that oasis and you can incorporate as much or as little technology as you want to try to stay connected and surround yourself with the environment that you need to feel relaxed and refreshed.

One of the obvious uses of technology would be installing a flat screen television so that it is visible from all areas of the Bathroom. This will allow you to catch up on the current news, weather and sports before you take off to the office as well as finish the day relaxing with your favorite show as you unwind in the tub. There are also various tubs that have TV monitors built right into the unit as well.

One of the newer usage of technology would be a computer access point. This may appear to be an over-the-top application of technology if you think of the computer only as an e-mail or Facebook connection. But more and more people are using their computers for access to books and music that they can customize to their particular needs and wants. If sliding into a warm, bubble bath and dialing up your book du jour or queuing up that new C.D. you just downloaded, sounds like something you would only get on an exotic vacation, think again. The technology to make it happen is within your reach.

Newer yet is the introduction of computer technology into the shower. Just think, standing outside of the shower and keying in your code and the shower is automatically adjusted to your desired water temperature and pressure. This is no matter who was in the shower before you. Your code is unique to you and is set to meet your desires and needs for that perfect shower experience every time, no guess work or surprises.

One of the additional ways to create an oasis in your home is through lighting. Lighting automation has made leaps and bounds in the area of ease of use and affordability. Imagine walking into your Master Bathroom and touching a button and the lighting scheme transforms the room into a welcoming environment that envelopes you and invites you to “come in and stay awhile.”

That is what Gehman Custom Remodeling tries to create with each of their Bathroom designs and Bathroom remodels, an inviting place that allows you the ability to get away without going away. Don’t be afraid to incorporate technology into your next Bathroom makeover.

Happy Remodeling!

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