Bathroom Remodel West Chester, PA

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Our client wanted a redesign of their Master Bathroom that would include a bigger shower.  We had to use the existing space to incorporate a bigger shower that they wanted to have.  Our client also did not want to get rid of the tub, that made things difficult to get them the large shower that they wanted.  We will explain how we got them both within the limitations of the existing footprint.  

Project Summary

The challenge was set: to craft an exquisite personal spa within the existing footprint of the Master Bathroom. The client envisioned a space of serenity, complete with a luxurious tub and an expansive spa shower, a vision that seemed nearly impossible given the confined canvas at our disposal.

For our team, this was an opportunity to redefine creativity, to turn limitations into a catalyst for innovation. The challenge inspired a brainstorming session where ideas flowed. It was clear that we needed to think beyond convention, push the boundaries of design, and work miracles within the constraints.

In the end, it was the mosaic of creativity, expertise, and sheer determination that won the day. Every inch of space was meticulously considered, every corner optimized. The walk-in closet remained untouched, with clever design choices that seemed like magic.

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Existing and After Floorplan

Existing floorplan

After floorplan

To give our clients both the tub and large shower that they requested to have in the Master Bathroom.  We had to knockdown the wall where the toilet room was located to expand the shower into that space.  We also suggested a floating toilet to maximize the space even more.  You can see the photo below how that turned out.  

Challenges and Solutions

The Challenges of this Master Bathroom:

  • Had to use the existing footprint
  • Space for a Large Spa Shower
  • Accessing the tub motor
  • Engineered quartz on the ceiling
  • Cabinetry was too short
  • Where to put the steam unit
  • Tiled drain cover was too heavy
  • Waterfall appearance for the engineered quartz

Challenge: Accessing the tub motor

Challenge: The challenge lay in providing an access point for the tub motor while maintaining the cabinet’s position against it, allowing our client to savor the beauty of the bathroom.

Solution: To ensure future servicing needs were met, we skillfully incorporated an access panel within the cabinet next to the tub, making it easily removable when required. The addition of a waterfall edge not only enhanced the cabinet’s aesthetics but also played a crucial role in supporting the countertop, so that, if needed, the base cabinet can be pulled out to access the pump.

Challenge: How to install the heavy Quartz in the shower ceiling

Challenge: With a taste for opulence and a touch of artistic flair, our client yearned for the elegance of engineered quartz to grace their ceiling, adding a regal touch to their space.

Solution: To provide a sturdy foundation for the engineered quartz, we meticulously mounted plywood on the ceiling, ensuring a secure and enduring bond.

Before Photos

3D Design

After Photos