What To Do?

Lace up your walking shoes and start an endurance training regimen!

This is the time of year for the home shows that come around annually.




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If you have never been to a home show, let me describe one of them to you.

Picture an extremely large exposition hall, some approach millions of square feet! Then you add hundreds of vendors which include national manufacturers, service companies, builders, remodelers, landscapers, local and national retailers, tool companies, furniture makers, cabinet companies, plumbing and electrical fixture suppliers, just to name a few. Into the mix, you then add thousands upon thousands of shoppers, from homeowners seriously searching for their dream to the people who are just window shopping with no intent to acquire anything except perhaps an idea or two.

These events are a lesson in human endurance. The fact that they are held over a 4-5 day period is evidence of the fact that, due to their immense size and the volume of people in attendance, you cannot possibly see everything there is to see in one day without setting a land speed record.

Here are a few tips on getting the most out of your visit to a home show…

1. Get advanced tickets. To save time, go to the event website and see if they are offering advanced tickets. This will save you the time of having to wait in line at the ticket booth at the front door with hundreds of other attendees.
2. Check around for free passes. With a little work, you can probably find a vendor or supplier that will have free or nearly free tickets for at least one day of the show. Don’t be afraid to ask at your local hardware store or supply house if they would have any passes available. The money you will save is worth a few phone calls or visits.
3. Plan ahead. Most events print advanced pamphlets that will give you a floor plan that will show the location of the vendor booths. Knowing that it would be a miracle for you to see everything on the floor, pinpointing your favorites and mapping out a route ahead of time, will assure that you see what you want to see. After that, everything else is a plus. Also, locate the restrooms and water fountains along your route. Just do it, you will thank me.
4. Take a backpack. Almost every vendor and every booth will have something to give to you. And without a doubt, you will be able to secure a bag of some sort to place all of these goodies in. But your own back pack is a must to make sure you have plenty of water and snacks and a place for you jacket that you most likely won’t need among the herd.
5. Eat before and after you go. It would serve you well to eat a hearty breakfast and get something to eat on the way home from the show, rather than eat inside the show. Two reasons, lines, lines and interest rates. Okay, three reasons. Lines, everyone seems to get hungry at the same time, believe me. Interest rates, you might need to get a home equity loan to pay for that hot dog, chips and a soda.

The moral of the story is “be prepared”. Do your “home” work, plan your day and stick to your plan.

And in the lingo of show vendors…“Have a great show”!

Happy Remodeling!

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Spring Is Just Around The Corner!

Three days (3) till pitchers and catchers report to spring training…


Pitchers & Catchers Report on Feb. 13

Thirty eight (38) days to the first day of spring…


1st Day of Spring: March 10, 2011

We have all kinds of deadlines and dates highlighted on our calendars.

This blog entry serves as your reminder that you need to start planning now for spring projects that you have on your “to do” list. Especially the ones that you want to enjoy this summer.

You see, many clients that we encounter delay making the first call to initiate their remodeling project until they think they are ready to start. This thinking is flawed only in light of the fact that they are not counting on the number of weeks that it takes to plan, estimate and stage a project. This is the reality for a project of any size.

The best advice for getting projects completed for use this summer, call now for an appointment!

Estimating backlogs are shorter, the production schedule is more flexible and the window of opportunity to complete your project before your big party this summer is wide open. But don’t delay! As projects come in, that preverbal window closes quickly and you will be left wondering what happened to having that project done before the first snowfall next year.

One more for the road…


June 21, 2011 is the 1st Day of Summer

One hundred thirty one (131) days to the first day of SUMMER!
Happy Remodeling!

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Q&A&CQuestions and Answers and Comments are expected and welcomed.

YOUR STORY – Tell us about your remodeling experiences, good or bad. We all have had them and perhaps you can help someone else have a great remodeling experience or avoid the issues that you encountered. Remember…keep it clean and civil or we can’t publish it.

Project Log #9 – Floor Finishes

The largest part of the canvas that is your remodeling project, often sharing this position with walls and ceilings, is the flooring. What you use to cover this part of the canvas goes a long way in completing the picture and can either compliment, complete or ruin the finished project.

As with the “Wall Finishes” topic we addressed previously, we cannot begin to discuss the seemingly endless list of materials that are currently available to install as finished flooring. What we can do is enter into a discussion into how to pick the right “type” of flooring for your application.



Carpet In Hall and Bedroom

This doesn’t have to be viewed as the choice of last resort. The pallet of colors, textures, styles and patterns that are available, can be used to compliment any décor. Family Rooms, Living Rooms, Bedrooms, and Basements are prime spaces for carpet. Using its warmth and softness allows for persons to spend time on the floor without worrying about comfort. Carpets have also made strides in offering environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic products that help families live in safer healthier environments.


Hardwood In The Living Room


Hardwood In The Kitchen

Hardwood & Laminates

Hardwood has long been a staple in the finished flooring genre. Generations have come to enjoy the warm look and durability that is inherent in a natural product such as oak or cherry. With the introduction of laminate flooring, another choice in this category widens the design possibilities. The laminates expand the range of color and pattern choices as well as taking the installation process to the masses. Laminates are infinitely more durable than hardwood and also offer a level of moisture resistance that hardwood does not. Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Eating Areas, Hallways, and Offices benefit from the richness of hardwood. Even Bathrooms now are being graced with the hardwood look that is available in the laminate lines.



Tile In The Bathroom

One of the more luxurious choices for finishing your project, it affords some of the widest range of choices for adding the coup-de-grace to your project. Colors, textures, patterns and materials of all types allow you to create different environments from room to room. Traditionally used in the Kitchen and Bathroom areas of house, tile has been making inroads into other rooms of the house as well. Look for tile installed in Foyers, Sunrooms, Powder Rooms, Basements, Dining Rooms as well as Kitchens and Bathrooms. Under floor heat makes a great Tile floor even better especially for families that enjoy going barefoot around the house.


For the sake of trying to introduce you to some alternative flooring materials, I will list a few here and you can ask us about them or do further research on your own.


Stamped/Stained Concrete




Remember that choosing the right flooring is the final step in placing the stamp of completion on your project.  The volume of choices out there can prove to be overwhelming to even the most seasoned client. Don’t be shy about asking for help, our designers are trained in leading you through the process of putting the finishing touches on your project. Give us a call, we would love to talk about your project!

Happy Remodeling!

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Q&A&C – Questions and Answers and Comments are expected and welcomed.   

YOUR STORY – Tell us about your remodeling experiences, good or bad. We all have had them and perhaps you can help someone else have a great remodeling experience or avoid the issues that you encountered. Remember…keep it clean and civil or we can’t publish it.