Spring is Here! More Daylight = More Time to Tackle a New Project!

springtime clock

Daylight savings time is upon us again, so what should you do with that extra hour of sunlight we just gained? When spring comes around, we tend to shift our attention to what we have been missing since Fall… the great outdoors! So naturally, that extra hour comes in handy for going for walks after dinner, tidying up your gardens, or just taking in a sunset from your back yard.

Spring also means homeowners are ready to end the days of being cooped up in the house. They also want to change. Now is the time to address all those things that annoyed you about your home this winter. Whether you want to add more natural light, get rid of that drafty door, or figure out a way to enjoy the beauty of your backyard from the comfort of your home, spring is a great time to embrace a new project.

Make a Better First Impression

One popular spring remodel project is revamping the curb appeal of your home. The first thing your neighbors and guests will notice is the appearance of your home’s exterior and the entry area. Update the exterior by replacing the siding, updating or adding a walkway, or even just install a new front door. Any of these will provide a great first impression for guests.





Home additions

Screened In Porch Costs FactorsSpringtime is a great time to enjoy your beautiful backyard. But if you’re not a fan of boiling under the hot summer sun, this is the perfect time to extend your living spaces with a Sunroom Addition or Screened-in Porch. A Sunroom Addition or a Screened-in Porch can allow you to take in extra sunlight and garden views from the comfort of the indoors. They are also a great way to combine indoor and outdoor living.

Efficiency improvements
Installing new, energy-efficient windows and doors can give your home added curb appeal, while also keeping your heat and AC inside to save you costs and keep you comfortable.

Bring in More Natural Light

Natural light is the best way to wake up a room, plus it creates the illusion of more space.
The most obvious way to add natural light is to install windows. Kitchens and living rooms are common places to add windows, but stairwells and landings are also great places to consider because they’re frequently dark and windowless spots. You can also replace your solid front door with one with glass. If privacy is a concern, there are many options, such as etched or frosted glass, for maintaining privacy while allowing light in.


So now you have some ideas. You have the extra time. Use that time to call Gehman Design Remodeling today at 215-660-5635 to schedule your free consultation.