When starting to think about your Kitchen remodeling project, one of the easiest ways to initiate the process is to work from biggest to smallest. That is to say, establish the largest pieces and then work your way down to the smallest accessories. This will allow you to think about the appliances and how they will fit together then fill in around them with cabinetry.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of design items in largest to smallest order:

1. Refrigerator
2. Range/Cooktop
3. Ovens/Single or Double
4. Warming Tray
5. Dishwasher
6. Microwave
7. Sink – Main
8. Sink – Prep
9. Pantry
10. Utility Cabinet
11. Pot and Pan Storage
12. Recycling Center/Trash Bin
13. Small Appliance Storage
14. Tray Storage
15. Plate and Cup Storage
16. Utensil Drawer
17. Silverware Drawer
18. Spice Rack
19. Countertops
20. Flooring
21. Tile
22. Trim

Looking at this list through the lens of lifestyle enhancement means that you have to evaluate each item as per its usefulness and how it adds to the utility of the Kitchen and adds to your quality of life. Taking inventory of how your everyday use of the space places demands on the components of the Kitchen will help you to determine the level of functionality that is required throughout to fulfill those demands.

Each time you enter into your new Kitchen, you want to feel welcomed and empowered, not controlled and restricted. Taking time to evaluate and quantify your lifestyle needs and designing to meet those needs goes a long way towards establishing and enhancing your lifestyle instead of allowing your living space to dictate your lifestyle.

If all of this feels a bit overwhelming, if thinking about all of these things sends you racing for the door, we would recommend working with a professional design firm that can direct the process as well as make practical recommendations.

Remember, your Kitchen should enhance your lifestyle and it speaks volumes to others about who you are.

Happy remodeling!

Next Time…Utility Doesn’t Exclude Style

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