A Great Finish

You want to give your house a makeover but can’t decide whether you want to hire a professional painter or do the job yourself? Taking on the job yourself could save you money but there is no guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your painting job. So… should you hire a professional?

Quality Work 

_DSC2347 web

There’s a vast difference in appearance and durability between a do-it-yourself painting and one applied by a pro. Professional painting will produce lasting, picture-perfect results that make your home pop.




Detailed to Perfection                                                                       

Professionals spend unbelievable amounts of time prepping surfaces.  They follow a multi-step process that includes sanding, masking, caulking and filling, then priming, sanding, and caulking and filling again.   High powered lights are used from all angles before they apply finish coats. The final appearance has as much to do with prep work as it does with paint.  _DSC2466_ web






Knowing What to Use

Pros stick with paints that have proven themselves over years, and they have the experience to know which ones work best where. They understand the differences in sheen and coverage between different products, as well as what kind of surface each covers best and in what conditions. They know how to make crisp lines at edges and intersections, and how to create even looks over multiple surfaces.  finished job






The Right Tools

It’s no surprise that pros also invest in high-quality tools. There are an overwhelming number of choices in rollers and brushes and it takes experience to learn which ones will provide the exact look our Clients want, whether that’s a traditional brushed finish or one with a glass-like sheen.

_DSC2333 web

The payoff is a finish that looks great and stands the test of time. Careful preparation, the right materials, and a finish applied by a skilled painter will last much longer before it needs painting again, which of course lowers the long-term cost, and frees you up to do the things you love.

Light it Up!

With so many activities happening in your kitchen, sufficient light is a must.  The most effective lighting for the kitchen involves four layers blended together: task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting. The result is a warm and inviting room that works with your other design elements to create a practical work space and entertainment area.  Consider these options when lighting your kitchen.

Recessed lights are perfect for ambient or general kitchen lighting.









Pendants provide great task and accent lighting for islands or dining areas

pendant - buckwalter

Chandeliers add a light touch of elegance to accent your kitchen or dining areas. 

chandelier - Heacock

Under Cabinet Lights add task lighting right where you will be chopping, slicing and reading recipes. These lights also provide soft ambient lighting to give the room a warm glow with the touch of a dimmer switch.

under cabinet - heacock

Track Lighting.  Move, swivel, rotate or aim to provide ambient, task or accent light.


Ceiling Lights are easy and attractive lighting that mounts flush or close to the ceiling.

ceiling ross

Simple Home Improvement Projects for Memorial Day

The Memorial Day weekend means trips to the beach, the mountains, or a fishing trip on a lake.  It also means it’s time to spruce up your home to get it ready for the summer season!  So if you’re staying home this Memorial Day weekend, here are some projects to tackle around your house before the hot summer season begins!

We all want to spend time outside over the Memorial Day weekend!  Go outside and look around – there’s plenty to do right in your own back yard.

Gardener holding wooden seedling tray in vegetable garden, with plants for cutting garden and vegetable patch (zinnia and pea).

Take advantage of the sunny weather by preparing your garden and landscaping for summer. Don’t be afraid to get dirty!  Get in those gardens to pull weeds, mulch your flower beds, trim shrubs or bushes, or plant flowers or vegetable plants in the garden or planters.




Clean driveways and outdoor areas to get rid of the winter and spring dirt that was left behind. Hose or sweep off your deck, sidewalks, and patio. If needed, stain or clean your deck and fix any loose boards or nails. Use a power washer and rediscover the real color of your driveway, porch and patio!



A fall tradition - cleaning the gutters of leaves. Here, we see them clogging the gutters of a traditional home. Could be used for advertising/clean up articles/etc. Narrow DOF

Your gutters have been collecting leaves and other debris for a couple months, so Memorial Day is an ideal time to clean out your gutters. This should be done at least twice a year. Scoop everything out by hand then spray a hose into the gutter to wash it out.  This will keep your gutters clear and ready to handle summer time down pours!





Prepare your patio furniture and barbecue for all your summer parties. Take your outdoor furniture out of storage and set it up; then clean each piece thoroughly. Wipe down your barbecue and scrape away any grimy or crusty substances that may still be on your grill.  Now you’re ready to host your first barbecue… and Memorial Day is a perfect time to do it!


If the weather doesn’t cooperate, and you’re stuck inside, don’t worry – there are plenty of rooms inside waiting for your attention!





Tidy up your garage. Memorial Day weekend is a great time to organize your garage and sweep out its floor. If you’re tired of all the clutter, you may even want to put up shelving units or storage bins. If you haven’t used something for a year, then throw it away, or plan to have a yard sale to get rid of things you no longer need or use.





You don’t necessarily need new appliances, after a good cleaning, they’ll be as good as new.  Use your long weekend to wipe down interior surfaces of your refrigerators and freezer, stove tops and ovens.  Use your vacuum attachment to clean out all the refrigerator coils.





Organize your closets. Are you ever going to wear that sweater again?  Open up some space in your closet by donating clothes, shoes or handbags that haven’t seen the light of day in years.  Rearrange your entire closet by swapping out your winter clothes for your summer clothes so you’ll have them easily available for warm weather days.



And after all your chores are done, sit back and enjoy your clean, organized, beautifully landscaped home – you earned it!  Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day!

Surviving Your Bathroom Remodel

DSC_5512-printRemodeling your Bathroom is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home. It can also go a long way toward improving the quality of your life and happiness in your home.  Remodeling your Bathroom is not for the timid and certainly not for the unprepared.  Few remodeling projects carry with them the weighty burden of this one.

Of course, the inconvenience of renovating a Bathroom depends on how many of them you have in your home. If you’re overhauling your one and only, this project is one you’ll want to start and finish as fast as possible.  If you are preparing for a remodel of a Bathroom, here are some suggestions to help you survive your Bathroom remodel and preserve your sanity.

If you are remodeling your only Bathroom, your best course of action may be to stay with a family member or take a vacation during the renovation.  If your home also has a powder room, staying in your house during the remodel is more manageable, but you may consider asking a neighbor for the use of their shower or if you have a gym membership, showering there is also an option.

Once you have a plan for yourself during the remodel, knowing what to expect in your home can help you prepare.  Count on dust, noise and traffic from workers that you’ll probably get to know quite well as they become part of your daily life.

There will be Dust


Sanding drywall is a dusty job, and so is cutting and removing a tub. Ripping out old tile? Expect some flying shards and, yes, more dust.

Cover floors leading from your bathroom to the exit. A reliable contractor will use drop clothes so that foot traffic will not carry bathroom demolition dust all over your house.




Plan on Delays

Despite a careful plan, detailed schedule and having all materials on site, sometimes a remodeling project runs longer than you expected. With the level of complexity involved in an all-out Bathroom renovation, you must count on “surprises” along the way. So don’t plan to entertain overnight guests or host a birthday party the weekend after your Bathroom project is slated for completion.

Have Fun with It

Embrace the process and take plenty of before and work-in-progress photos. Keep your eyes on the prize—your dream bathroom, the updates you’ve been wanting for years, the features that will nab a higher home sale price. Remember during all the dust and through all of the inconveniences, why you are doing this.

Find the Right Remodeling Company

The single most important factor in the remodeling of your Bathroom is, perhaps, the selection of the contractor. You must pick someone who is dedicated to moving through this job with determination, experience and intensity. It must also be someone you believe you will be able to talk to you when you are angry and tired.  When this room is taken from you for several weeks (yes, it can be several weeks—if all goes well!) you may begin to display behavior and experience feelings of frustration. Working with an experienced contractor who can demonstrate progress each day and show you that things are proceeding toward completion can aid you in understanding that everything is OK and that, soon, you’ll be showering in your beautifully renewed bathroom.  bath24

Are you ready for the Bathroom of your dreams?  Please call us at 215-660-5635 and schedule a free consultation to get started!

Spring is Here! More Daylight = More Time to Tackle a New Project!

springtime clock

Daylight savings time is upon us again, so what should you do with that extra hour of sunlight we just gained? When spring comes around, we tend to shift our attention to what we have been missing since Fall… the great outdoors! So naturally, that extra hour comes in handy for going for walks after dinner, tidying up your gardens, or just taking in a sunset from your back yard.

Spring also means homeowners are ready to end the days of being cooped up in the house. They also want to change. Now is the time to address all those things that annoyed you about your home this winter. Whether you want to add more natural light, get rid of that drafty door, or figure out a way to enjoy the beauty of your backyard from the comfort of your home, spring is a great time to embrace a new project.

Make a Better First Impression

One popular spring remodel project is revamping the curb appeal of your home. The first thing your neighbors and guests will notice is the appearance of your home’s exterior and the entry area. Update the exterior by replacing the siding, updating or adding a walkway, or even just install a new front door. Any of these will provide a great first impression for guests.





Home additions

Screened In Porch Costs FactorsSpringtime is a great time to enjoy your beautiful backyard. But if you’re not a fan of boiling under the hot summer sun, this is the perfect time to extend your living spaces with a Sunroom Addition or Screened-in Porch. A Sunroom Addition or a Screened-in Porch can allow you to take in extra sunlight and garden views from the comfort of the indoors. They are also a great way to combine indoor and outdoor living.

Efficiency improvements
Installing new, energy-efficient windows and doors can give your home added curb appeal, while also keeping your heat and AC inside to save you costs and keep you comfortable.

Bring in More Natural Light

Natural light is the best way to wake up a room, plus it creates the illusion of more space.
The most obvious way to add natural light is to install windows. Kitchens and living rooms are common places to add windows, but stairwells and landings are also great places to consider because they’re frequently dark and windowless spots. You can also replace your solid front door with one with glass. If privacy is a concern, there are many options, such as etched or frosted glass, for maintaining privacy while allowing light in.


So now you have some ideas. You have the extra time. Use that time to call Gehman Design Remodeling today at 215-660-5635 to schedule your free consultation.

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