What are the Benefits of Enclosed Porches?

Having a great back or front porch is a major improvement to any home. A porch allows you to spend more time outside with family, friends, and even by yourself! Adding to the function and comfort of your home with a porch is a great way to upgrade your home without changing anything inside. Enclosed porches are a popular choice for homeowners who want the outdoor experience of a porch without sacrificing the comfort that comes with being indoors. Check out all of these great benefits that come with an enclosed porch! 

Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Any Weather

The downside of a porch that’s not enclosed is that you can’t use the space when it’s raining, snowing, too hot, or too cold. That limits the number of days throughout the year you can be on the porch quite a bit! An enclosed porch solves that issue and turns it into space you can use regardless of the weather. Enclosed porches offer protection from rain and snow so you can be outside without getting wet. You can even route your HVAC system to the porch so you can continue to enjoy the porch during very cold or hot days. 

Protection from Bugs and Pests 

Being out in nature is great until you start to get bit by mosquitos or see other pests too close for comfort. An enclosed porch will protect against bugs without the need for citronella candles and bug spray. Spiders, bees, and other pests won’t be roaming freely as they would around a traditional porch either!

Additional Space 

Arguably the biggest benefit that comes with an enclosed porch is the added space. An enclosed porch really is an extension of your home that can be used for so many things! Rather you turn it into a playroom for young kids, a recreation space for teens, or an entertaining space for the adults – the possibilities are endless! An enclosed porch is a great solution to a home that feels cramped, but not so cramped that you want to move to a new home. How you use the space can change as your family continues to change so it always meets your needs at the time! Since enclosed porches feature real doors and windows, you don’t have to worry about pets or small children wandering off like you would with a normal porch. 

Resale Value 

Adding an enclosed porch will increase the resale value of your home. Rather you have plans to sell or not, it’s nice to know that your investment will be well worth it if your house ever goes on the market. Potential buyers will see the enclosed porch as beneficial for all the same reasons you did when it was originally installed. 

If you’d like to learn more about adding an enclosed porch to your home, contact Gehman Design Remodeling today! Our team can help to custom design, build, and install an enclosed porch for your home. 

Reasons You Need a Deck Addition

Adding a deck to your home is a window of opportunity to enjoy different events and gatherings at your home. Even if you want to spend some time alone, they create a fantastic ambiance that’s sure to improve your mood.

Firstly, they are a flat surface attached to your house, usually at the back. It is capable of supporting weights while increasing the square footage of the house. It is similar to a ship deck but rather stationary. In case the idea of hosting fun family night dinners or reading your favorite book while relaxing on the deck doesn’t convince you, here are 4 amazing reasons why you need a deck addition to your house.

4 Reasons for a Deck Addition

Social Gatherings

A prime reason to opt for a deck addition is to accommodate large gatherings during events such as weddings, BBQs, movies, etc. For some of you, it must not be easy to let in all the guests at once. With a deck, your home gains extra square footage, which serves the purpose of increasing functionality space while staying within the property limits. Although it will require you to install railings and whatnot, a deck is a lot safer than a patio.

Cost-Effective Home Addition

Decks are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other home additions, such as adding a room, patios, sunrooms, etc. In fact, some cost estimates are well below your imagination, but ultimately, the material, size, and maintenance requirement will determine the total costs of getting a deck addition.

House Aesthetics

What are your home styling preferences? Choosing the materials of a deck will definitely amaze you! Although wooden decks provide a classic look, they require excess maintenance. Moreover, a composite deck contains several different materials, such as plastic and wood composites.

Composite decks are extremely low-maintenance, highly durable, and offer exotic/ natural variety of looks. So overall, a deck addition improves your home’s aesthetics.

House Value

It is critical to acknowledge that adding a deck will also increase your home’s value and not just its aesthetic appeal. For this reason, many homeowners feel inclined to choose the best options and varieties of decks.


Conclusively, aside from maintenance, the construction and installation of a deck are highly important. Furthermore, the materials range in variety, from colors to durability. Therefore, professional advice and assistance are significant. Give a call to Gehman Design Remodeling at 215-513-0300 to profit from our impeccable expertise and experience.

Reasons to Add a Sunroom to Your Home

For an outdoors-loving person, the feeling of fresh air and sunshine coming into your home is fantastic. If you can relate, you’ll enjoy the idea of a “three-season room.” Or, to be accurate, the “four-season room.” Yes, we are talking about the “sunroom.”

If you’re thinking of getting one, it’ll be a major improvement from the traditional patio in your house. Well, it is true. Sunrooms do enable an array of functionality and live space in your house. Apart from the benefits to your home value, this valuable addition can serve a lot of entertainment and enjoyment purposes. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and easy-to-understand reasons to have a sunroom in your house.

Reasons to Add a Sunroom

House Value Improvement

Adding a sunroom might increase your home’s aesthetic appeal. In turn, it can enhance your home’s real estate value. Besides that, it is genuinely possible to reap the benefits of additional square footage to your home after a sunroom addition (keep in mind the tax increases per square footage!).

Natural Light Ambiance

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for you to sit under the sunshine and read your favorite book? Or, gather in the sunroom with your guests to enjoy refreshments while having important discussions?

Modern sunrooms, equipped with glass from window-to-roof, enable you to control the level of sunlight entering the sunroom. You can enjoy outdoor activities with your guests without worrying about harsh weather conditions.

Functional Space

With the addition of a sunroom, you can enjoy movies, dinners, and other fun activities. You also don’t have to worry about being stuck indoors when weather conditions are inadequate. You can still enjoy the winter aroma and summer breeze while sitting in your sunroom, controlling the amount of air that gets in or out. Cool, right?

Moreover, the idea of adding a sunroom is typically cheaper than adding a new room to the structure.

Studio Feature

If you are a creative person with a passion for things like art, painting, writing, or music, a sunroom is a feasible option for you to stay lively in your activities. You can always enjoy a refreshing environment while working towards your dreams. There is always room for improvement, so you make some finishing touches to your sunroom by adding fantastic décor. This way, you reflect a version of glamour that inspires others.


So, if you are deciding on adding a sunroom to your house, you should consider seeking professional guidance and help from Gehman. We offer detailed services for interior and exterior house designing; we can fulfill your dream of a luxurious and useful sunroom in your house. If you’re interested in a seasonal room for your home, reach out to Gehman Design Remodeling to learn more today. 

2021 Home Remodeling Trends

Tons of people today are spending more time in their homes than previously. We’ve settled into a new lifestyle and people are needing updates to their homes to adjust. People who have different needs now are looking to have different work done on their homes this year. Keep reading to learn about popular trends. 

Upgrade the Outdoors

With many of us putting off summer vacations and other things we normally enjoy, people are turning to recreation at home. You’ve likely spent more time this year walking around your neighborhood and property and have found things you’d like to upgrade. This year, many homeowners are building new decks to help extend their dining and cooking spaces outdoors. A custom-built deck can offer space for grilling and everything else. When working with a contractor to build your deck, you can have it built to fit your exact needs, so you’ll get the most out of it. 

Home Office Build

Tons of folks are working from home today and many have children learning remotely as well. Working from the kitchen table can only go on for so long, so many have decided to dedicate a space to work. Not everyone has a proper space in their home, so many are turning to remodelers to build a home office. If you’ve got multiple people using video, you need to have space to get away, that’s why people are looking for smartly designed offices. 

Kitchen Trends

Kitchens are consistently one of the top spaces that homeowners choose to remodel. Islands are always a feature that people look for, but in 2021, more are looking for split-level islands and islands for dining. Some are even opting for a double island look which can be excellent if you cook a lot and also need to store kitchen equipment. 

For kitchen cabinets, options with minimal hardware have become popular along with a complementing backsplash. 

When it Comes to Bathrooms…

There is never a bad time to remodel your bathroom as it’s one of the best projects to make your life at home more comfortable. In this space, floating cabinets and quartz countertops have become popular. Floating cabinets and vanities add a unique look to a bathroom and can help exhibit a modern aesthetic. Adding quartz to bathrooms only makes sense for how well it performs in the kitchen, consider adding new countertops to your bathroom.

Let Light In

Many people are looking for ways to add more light to their homes. There aren’t many better ways to do so than with new windows. Replacing your windows adds tons more natural light in along with allowing homeowners to enjoy spring and summer breezes. 

If you’re interested in remodeling your home this year with a new deck, kitchen, bathroom, or new windows, our team at Gehman Design Remodeling can help. Contact us today to get started.