Does Replacing Your Windows Add Value to Your Home?

Do you plan to sell your home in the near future? Well, knowing the best ways to improve the value of your house before you put it up for sale can help you reap the rewards you wish for. Your home’s windows are an integral feature that can serve to add or at least improve the value of your house.

Even if the functionality of the house doesn’t offer much to deal with, the décor and design can improve its value substantially. However, many homeowners are confused as to how windows can improve the value of a house.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient windows are a unique selling point for every homeowner. Many houses go up for sale from time to time. Most of these houses don’t have the adequate quality and the real-life worth that compensate for their owner’s asking price. However, you can make sure that you are able to reap the real value potential that your house has. Even if you are not willing to sell too soon, energy-efficient windows can help you keep energy bills low.

Energy-efficient windows prevent the loss of heat and cool during different seasons. This makes your HVAC and other heating or cooling system run less. Hence, your house conserves energy along with low utility bills. This can appears highly attractive to many potential home buyers.

Style and Décor

Adding stylish windows makes your house appealing, and there is no doubt. Nonetheless, choosing the right type of windows will affect how your home’s value improves. The right type of windows, along with the most appropriate color combinations, can enhance curb appeal.

Windows can also enhance the interior décor of your home. Different material-built windows like vinyl, classic wood, metal, and others add varying interior decoration appeals. Hence, it significantly affects how your home’s outlook improves. With the right window replacement guidance through the best experts, you can benefit from a significant value improvement in your house.


Do you wish to improve the value of your house? It will benefit you to replace your home’s old windows with new ones. Adding style and décor along with greater functionality will make your home significantly attractive to potential home buyers.

You can give Gehman Design Remodeling at 215-513-0300 to learn more about the latest window replacement options out there. We can help you find the best match of windows for your house. Our expert window replacement staff is highly skilled and reputable in the wide industry. 

Gehman Design Remodeling Featured on Good Morning America

Gehman Design Remodeling Featured on Good Morning America

Good Morning America recently featured our founder and owner Dennis Gehman to get his perspective on the rising costs of remodeling as Dennis is the President of NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry). The surges are coming from Covid delays and increased costs for materials as well as appliances. Good news is on the way though, as life is getting back to a more normal state for many across the country.

Thanks to the Good Morning America Team for reaching out. You can view the segment below.

How to Check For Mold Behind Stucco

How to Check for Mold Behind Your Stucco

Stucco is an excellent siding material that you commonly see, but many homeowners who don’t have it themselves don’t know a lot about it. It’s actually made of a mix of sand, lime, and cement. It’s one of the oldest siding materials and is still being used today because it’s been proven generation after generation. Stucco will give you a unique look, rather than going with a generic looking vinyl siding option like all of the other homes in your neighborhood. If you live in an area that’s prone to rain, snow, and humidity, stucco can cause issues for you. Mold and rot issues can end up costing you a lot of money for repairs, so we’ve put together a blog to help you identify mold behind your stucco siding.

Inspecting Stucco

Usually, when you realize that there’s mold behind your stucco, it’s already too late. If you have a home with stucco siding that you’re trying to sell, some potential buyers may shy away from stucco because of the common issues that can arise with it. Mold can become an issue with stucco when it has a chance to grow from water getting behind your siding. Moisture usually gets behind your stucco around the windows, doors, and other structural joints, like where your roof joins with your house. Stucco is made of a mixture of materials that aren’t very breathable, so the product itself doesn’t breathe well. When water is trapped, it stays there and can cause stains, which are clear signs of damage and referred to as stucco tears. 

Over Time

 When you do begin to notice stucco tears on your home, you can be sure that some damage has occurred. It’s time to call a professional for a moisture inspection to learn the extent of the damage. This can make sure that you have your damaged stucco repaired before more damage can occur, costing you more money. Water that can’t escape from behind your siding will weaken your home’s wood framing, windows, and more if left unchecked.

This isn’t to say that stucco isn’t a great siding option. Stucco has a timeless look and has been proven to be durable in all climates throughout the United States. It’s an energy-efficient option as well because it forms a shell around your home that helps keep your heating and cooling costs low. 

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