What’s Your Wish List?

The holiday season changes as you get older.  I remember as a child, the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas felt just as long as January through November.  There was waiting for school to let out for break, creating the perfect list for Santa, and helping out around the house just a little bit more to earn extra points from your parents.

45431c6aa2861ecc8a0573063a7efe19Fast forward to your late teens/early twenties, and now your thoughts turn to buying your boyfriend/girlfriend the perfect gift, and how can you get out of Christmas dinner early so you can spend more time with them.

Then you reach the age where you have kids of your own.  Now you understand the frantic looks you used to see as a kid on the adult faces as they raced around town buying gifts and planning family gatherings.  Even after you buy all the gifts, where in the world do you hide them all???  You think to yourself, how did my parents do this?

As time passes by, and you realize that Christmas is so much more than the gifts or the decorations, all you really want for Christmas is to be with your family under one roof.  Whether it be for a whole month for your college-aged kids’ winter break, or just one day when your grown children’s families come over for Christmas dinner; having everyone healthy and together in your home is what truly makes you happy.

When you decide it is time to remodel your home, whatever the size of the project, whatever the time of year, Gehman Design Remodeling wants to bring your family together in the home that you are dreaming of.  The home that your family will wake up in Christmas morning, the home where you prepare your holiday dinner, the home your children grow up in and will return to with their children someday.

We hope that you will put us on your wish list now, because time flies by, and next year’s holiday season will be right back at our doorstep before you know it.

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

Pre-Christmas? Or Thanksgiving…

Why do we wish away our days?  We circle an event on our calendar hoping each day in between goes by quickly so that we can finally get to the day we’ve been waiting for.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to have something fun to look forward to, but in doing so, we can’t forget about the days in between.  Each day is a gift, and too often we take that for granted.

This time of year, we all point our attention to Christmas.  It’s hard not to.  Christmas displays are up in the stores, our neighborhoods are quickly lighting up with decorations, the music has already started playing on the radio stations, and companies are vying for our dollars to be spent at their stores with pre-Christmas sales.

In all this hype over Christmas, we are all looking past Thanksgiving.  Christmas just happens to be my favorite holiday.  I truly enjoy the entire Christmas season.  But what I don’t enjoy is when Thanksgiving simply gets lost in the Christmas hustle and bustle, becoming more of a gateway to the Holiday Season.

Thanksgiving really is the perfect holiday to precede Christmas.  We gather as families to count our blessings, and to remember what is most important in life; the people around us that day, our family.

Who and what we choose to give thanks for are the things we need to remember most as we go into the Christmas season.  Thanksgiving, in a way, prepares us, or reminds us that the people in our lives are a gift, and that each day should not be taken for granted or looked past.

All of us at Gehman Design Remodeling would like to thank our customers for choosing us to help make your home a more comfortable place for you to live.  We will never take you for granted, and we are truly thankful that you gave us the opportunity to serve you.

So, enjoy the Thanksgiving season.  Thanksgiving is a special time, and much more than just pre-Christmas.

Do you know what is behind your stucco?

Stucco is favored in home construction around the country, providing a durable alternative to traditional siding. When installed properly, stucco is long-lasting and largely weather resistant, providing you with a simple, high quality surface that does not rust, rot, or burn.

Despite the benefits of stucco, however, there is always a potential for problems, especially when installation isn’t properly performed. Unfortunately, many problems with stucco are not immediately apparent, creating hugely expensive repairs down the road. By taking the time to learn what’s behind your stucco, it may be possible to identify problem areas before they cause lasting damage, saving you substantial amounts of money should trouble come to call.

Cracks in Stucco

All stucco, even the highest quality options, can crack over time, even when installation has handled properly. As is the case with most concrete products, a little cracking is inevitable, no matter how hard you try to prevent it.

Cracks in stucco come in numerous different forms. Hairline cracks, or cracks smaller than 1/16th of an inch in diameter, are fairly normal in stucco properties and may not require immediate attention. Spider cracking, on the other hand, can be a sign that the base coat did not properly cure, and patterns in a wall can indicate that the wire, or lath, underneath the stucco was not properly adhered. These kinds of cracks are more urgent, and can require immediate repairs.

Mold Problems

While cracks are a fairly obvious problem that can signify improperly installed stucco, mold may have no warning signs. Since stucco is porous, water can penetrate the surface, creating mold problems behind what appears to be a pristine wall. Synthetic forms of stucco can be more susceptible to this kind of damage.

Mold behind stucco is not easy to detect, and generally requires a professional to do so. Home construction and renovation experts know how to recognize water damage, and can often identify mold problems with help from an infrared camera. When damage gets too bad, stucco may need to be either partially or fully replaced.

Wood Rot

Excess water penetrating your stucco can cause mold damage, but it can also cause the building materials behind the stucco to rot. These issues can be even harder to diagnose than mold, especially when there are no visible signs of water damage.

Wood rot is a very serious issue, and one that can lead to massive structural damages within a home. While other stucco problems can often be repaired, severe wood rot can require removing a wall’s exterior in order to replace the rotting wood inside. This kind of work can costs thousands of dollars, creating an expensive problem you never saw coming.

Although stucco holds many advantages for homeowners, it also can put you at risk for serious and expensive problems that could entail a complete renovation of your walls. Facing the issues involved with stucco walls may not be easy, but with the right team of professionals, you can identify damage, make necessary repairs, and take the steps needed to elevate the look, feel, and function of your home.


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