Of all the home improvement projects you can take on, a kitchen remodel can improve your home’s value the most. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, in 2010 a Kitchen remodeling project yielded a

69 percent return on investment – one of the highest among all remodeling projects. However, many homeowners assume they can only achieve the richness they desire by installing custom cabinets. This simply isn’t the case.

Semi-custom cabinets can add significantly more perceived value than base-model cabinets, yet are more cost effective than custom cabinetry. Additionally, semi-custom cabinets provide many stylistic options in wood, door design and color.

When you combine custom doors and other accents with stock cabinets, not only are you saving money on the cabinets, but you are also able to set aside a greater portion of your overall Kitchen remodel budget for other features – such as upgraded countertops or appliances. And if you are thinking about resale value, the money you invest into the kitchen can increase its appraised value and add more appeal for potential buyers.

Semi-custom cabinets have greater size choices and features than base-model cabinets, giving you more floor plan and storage options. These cabinets can be specifically designed to hold spices, large pots and lids, and even your heavy KitchenAid® mixer. Let’s face it: increasing the storage and work efficiency of your Kitchen adds to your enjoyment of it.

You can also expect the quality of the materials and workmanship in semi-custom cabinets to be higher, too. Base-level cabinets are often manufactured with particleboard for the cabinets and shelves, and coated with

laminate or thermofoil – both of which wear away quickly. Particleboard as a building material also absorbs humidity and moisture, a real detriment in a Kitchen where the humidity is higher and spills are frequent. Particleboard also sags under heavy loads, which means you have to watch how much weight each shelf holds. Most semi-custom cabinets use veneer-covered plywood as the construction material, a far stronger and more resilient type of shelving.

A kitchen remodel is a commitment of time and money. Your cabinets are both functional and decorative, and when you’re considering upgrading this well-used room, choosing value-driven products that last, and bring efficiency and beauty to your home is always a good move.