“Plan your work, then work your plan.” This statement makes perfect sense, especially in the world of remodeling.

However, many people, when they hear the word design think only of textures, paint colors or fabric.

We at Gehman Custom Remodeling try to incorporate design into every aspect of all of our projects. Kitchen projects, Bathroom projects, Specialty projects, all have elements of design to varying degrees.

We put a lot of emphasis on design, so much so, that we have our own interior designer on staff. We also have a team of project planners that pride themselves in putting a lot of thought into a project before anyone is even on site.

Here is a list of design elements that should be considered as you enter into any home remodeling project…

1. Lifestyle Issues; how do I want my home to function and serve my particular lifestyle needs?
2. Traffic Flow; how does the remodel effect the flow of persons in and around my home?
3. Environment; what type of environment do I want to create for my family and guests?
4. Style; does the proposed project fit with the style of my home and/or my personal style?
5. Construction; is what I want to do physically possible?

As you see from this list, not all design has to do with sticks and mortar or even with color and texture. While the interior design is an important element of making the finished product beautiful, if it isn’t well planned and thought out, no matter how beautiful a space is, you will not be satisfied. We may revisit any of the above topics individually if you want to respond with specific questions.

Gehman Custom Remodeling looks at design as a well thought out plan of execution that incorporates the elements of space planning, lifestyle impact, interior design in addition to the actual construction phase. We are confident that, if you make sure that these areas are addressed, you will enjoy not only a smoother construction process, but you will also enjoy your newly remodeled home in all of its remodeled beauty.

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