For many people, their first impression of someone is their most lasting impression.  The same holds true for homeowners searching for the right remodeling company.

A big factor in choosing a remodeler is the homeowner’s comfort with the first person they meet from the company, whether it’s the owner or a sales person. Hitting it off from the start is important, and the homeowner’s gut feelings play a role in their ultimate decision of choosing a remodeler.

That “gut” feeling is typically shaped in the very first meeting.  Professional remodelers understand this, and they make sure to act in ways that earn their clients’ trust.

When choosing your remodeler, ask yourself the following questions.

Does the remodeler…

  1. Look Professional? Someone driving an old pickup truck and wearing ripped jeans and a dirty tee shirt may be a skilled craftsman, but their appearance raises questions. Although a collared shirt and a clean vehicle don’t guarantee a great choice, they’re the first sign of a professional who runs a legitimate business and pays attention to detail.
  1. Follow the rules? You want to know that whoever does your project will do it right. That includes knowing they will follow relevant laws and regulations. Sample contracts, as well as proof of the necessary licensing and insurance, are signs of a diligent company that doesn’t cut corners.
  1. Have compassion? A remodeling project can be an emotional roller coaster or an enjoyable ride. The best remodelers help people understand the ups and downs that may occur during the project. They will have policies on how the crew will interact with you and your family, as well as how they will treat your home.
  1. Have set schedules? When you know what will happen and when during the project, you will suffer a lot less anxiety. You want a remodeler who clearly communicates the schedule, which includes the overall project schedule, the approximate timetable for each major phase, and the typical start and end time of each work day.
  1. Keep you constantly informed? On a long-term project like an addition or major kitchen remodel, a professional remodeler knows that the homeowner will feel more secure, and the job will go more smoothly, if there’s a regular forum for questions and concerns. Weekly meetings with the Project Manager can alleviate anxiety and put the homeowner’s mind at ease.
  1. Have solid references? Any reputable company will provide past client references. In some cases, those clients may be willing to show you their completed project! That’s a sign that they really like the work that was done, and trust the remodeler.

Making changes to your home can be exciting and stressful.  But when you choose a remodeling company who can reduce uncertainty and develop trust, the road to the finished project can be an enjoyable one which leads to a fantastic finish.