Most relationships suffer from unmet expectations. The relationship that you have with your contractor will suffer if they don’t live up to or fulfill your expectations. The reality of the situation is that they can’t live up to or fulfill expectations that are not expressed or made known.
That is where you come in. As the client for whom the project is being completed, you need to have clearly defined expectations for your remodeling project. If you have difficulty in developing expectations here are a few that are common to almost all remodeling projects, whether it be a Kitchen remodel, a Bathroom remodel, an Addition or some other Specialty project.

10 Remodeling Client Expectations:

1. Listen to me, I’m the client
2. Communicate before the start of the project
3. Show up on time
4. Respect my property
5. Be Available
6. Communicate during the project
7. Produce what we agreed upon
8. Clean Up
9. Warrant the work
10. Communicate after the project

There may be many more that you will add or modify that would better reflect your specific remodeling project. However, the most important step is communicating your expectations with your contractor.

You see that the word communicate shows up three times on the list. This is no mistake. Communication is one of, if not the, most important factor in a successful remodeling project.

Gehman Custom Remodeling has developed our own list of what you can expect if you choose to enter into a relationship with us. Click here to view our “What to Expect…” document.

You will find that you will build a relationship with your contractor simply because they are spending a fair amount of time in your home. The kind of relationship that you have with your contractor is fully dependent on how well you communicate your expectations.

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