Remember those years where our lawns resembled hay bales instead of luscious green fields? It makes us appreciate the rain we’ve been getting over the last several years because now when we drive around we see the beauty of the color green. The summer time is a great time to enjoy the green around us. Even though we spend our days busy with work, or engaging in kids activities, be sure to take a few minutes out of your day just to observe and enjoy the outdoor beauty around you. There is so much beauty in nature to see and when we get too busy, we miss out on the gift that it is to us.

Remodeling does not always mean doing things in and to your house. Sometimes you can do things outside to make your environment a better place to live.

Take care of your outdoor living spaces and make an easy, greener impact as well. Here are some ways you can make a greener difference.

1. Detoxic your Soil – Forgo the pesticides, weed killers, and chemical fertilizers to keep your lawn in shape. Consider non-toxic products that are safer for the eco-system, especially for young children and pets.

2. Turn Kitchen Scraps into Nutrient-Rich Soil – Aside from saying no to more landfill waste, using composted soil stimulates healthy root development, and improves soil texture, aeration, and water retention. Try for some beginner’s composting tips.

3. Choose Native Plants – Native and indigenous plants are easy to grow and maintain because they adjust to the climate in which they habitat. They require less fertilizer and water.

4. Maximize your Water Use – Water your lawn during sunrise or sunset. Use mulch or compost to help your soil retain water and cut down evaporation. Consider soaker hoses or drip irrigation and cut your water use by 50 percent. Seeking out a barrel to harvest rainwater will allow you to take advantage of water free of charge, free of chlorine. Use it to water lawns, yards, and gardens, as well as washing cars or rinsing windows.

5. Rethink, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Rebuy. Yes, that’s quite a mouthful, but take the time to think about how you can reduce your output of waste, use what you have efficiently, and purchase needed items that are environmentally friendly.

Happy Remodeling!

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