If you were asked, what is the most used room of your house, what would you answer?
Where does company inevitably end up when you have a party?
Where does the trash pile up?
Where is the place that you put your mail or car keys?
Where do you prepare and eat most of your meals?

The answer that most people would give to these questions is “The Kitchen.”

Think about it, all roads both into and out of your home take you to or through the Kitchen for one reason or another. That is why, when you think about remodeling your Kitchen, you have to take into consideration much more than just, “what color are the cabinets going to be?”

There are lifestyle issues that come into play when planning a new Kitchen. Think about how traffic flow will affect the chef during busy meal preparation times. What cabinet accessories would make the Kitchen more efficient and useful to those who spend the most time there? How will technology be utilized to meet the demands of today’s hi-tech families?

You need to address the issue of creating a home within your home, especially for all those times when you end up entertaining from behind the island. The environment that you create in your Kitchen says just as much about who you are as the clothes your wear or the car you drive.

We will be addressing these and other pertinent issues in subsequent blogs. But in the mean time, be thinking about some of the deeper questions that should be asked at the planning stages of your Kitchen project, so that you will not have any regrets on the other end of the process.

Happy remodeling!

Next Time…A Kitchen That Enhances Your Lifestyle

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