I was sitting at my desk the other day, when the phone rang.  I answered, and had a very pleasant conversation with the person on the other end who had called us about a remodeling project.  Before ending the call, I asked where they had heard about us, they responded that they found us in the phone book.  That’s right!  Not Google, not our website… the phone book.  That big, heavy book that we used to find at the bottom of our driveway every so often.  Honestly, I didn’t think the phone book was still out there, but there I was, writing down that this person found us in the phone book.

Just-google-itSo I started thinking about how the world has changed since Google became more than a noun and the internet became as second nature as breathing.  We “Google” everything.  Need a quick dinner idea?  Google it!  Can’t think of the actor’s name from a movie?  Google it!  Want to learn song lyrics?  Google them!  Something wrong and don’t want to go to the doctor?  Google your symptoms!

Thanks to the internet, we have everything and anything we ever wanted to know, right at our finger tips.  But is this good or bad?

On the bad side:

  • Viruses affect our home or business computers
  • SPAM (enough said)
  • Scams have become more rampant
  • On-line stalking (although some might see this as a positive)

On the good side:

  • Instant access to news or events
  • Re-connecting with friends, family or business associates
  • Shop from home (my personal favorite)
  • Consumer reviews (to assist you in your on-line shopping)

On the positive side for Gehman Design Remodeling, many of our clients find us by using the internet.  When you take the first step in your remodeling project, chances are, you are going to search the internet for ideas and for reputable remodelers in your area.  Since you’re reading this on our website, you have found us; and we hope you give us the opportunity to guide you through the entire process of your remodeling project.  So, begin your journey.  Take a look around our website, and if you like what you see, give us a call.  We look forward to hearing from you, because the internet can do many things, but it can never replace human contact.