Many times when you think of utility you think of the white, metal cabinets that hang in your basement or garage. Gehman Custom Remodeling is here to say that utility does not have to exclude style.

Here are some beautiful ways to incorporate your everyday items into your Kitchen design.
1. Hand held appliances:
a. Mixers, hand and countertop models, can be placed inside a stow-away base cabinet that includes an electrical outlet so that the appliance is always plugged in and ready to go when needed. And when you are done with it, just fold it down and out of sight.
2. Spices:
a. All of those little bottles of spices that seem to take so much time to look through and find the one you need can be placed in a number of different spaces to keep them organized and accessible.
b. Cabinet door racks. This option places the spice rack on the inside of a cabinet door and is usually located near the food preparation area for ease of use. This location uses a space that wouldn’t be used otherwise while affording convenience to the cook.
c. Spice drawers. This location is probably the most accessible to everyone that may need to use these ingredients. Being placed in a top drawer location assures that the cooks, however young or old, will be able to see and reach the spices when needed.
3. Plates and Cups:
a. Placing plates and cups in cabinets with glass doors allows users to see what they are looking for without having to go around and open the cabinets to see what is inside.
b. Incorporating glass doors in the wall cabinet design gives your Kitchen a more open feel.
c. Installing lights inside of these cabinets with glass doors adds a design feature to the mix.
4. Trash and Recycling:
a. Trash, garbage and recycling doesn’t have to be stuck under the Kitchen sink or in a closet anymore. These two items seem to be some of the most undesirable but necessary evils in Kitchen design
b. Designers have come up with some very creative and innovative ways to incorporate this element into cabinet layouts that make it both convenient and even attractive.
c. Trash and recycling center cabinets have evolved into a very popular element of the present day Kitchen layout.
5. Pots and Pans
a. Most of us don’t have gourmet cooking utensils that we want to display on an open rack from the ceiling, so we look for cabinet space to store those necessary pots and pans.
b. Cabinet hardware has developed enough that drawer slides are capable of handling the heavy loads that pots and pans carry. Storage drawers are much more accessible than trying to get down on your hands and knees to peer into the bottom of a base cabinet.
c. Drawers can be placed in close proximity to ovens, stoves and food preparation areas.

Gehman Custom Remodeling wants you to think about your style and the environment you want to create and we can design your Kitchen to, not only meet those requirements, but also allow you to enjoy a completely convenient and well thought out layout that affords you the best tools available to utilize while preparing meals and entertaining in style.

Happy remodeling!

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