COVID-19 Safety Protocol



Covid-19 Safety Rules for employees and trade partners / sub-contractors of Gehman Design Remodeling on our project sites until farther notice


  1. All workers must stay home when they are / feel sick, and leave the work site as soon as they feel ill during the workday
    1. If an employee or CLIENT (or someone living in their House) comes down with Covid-19 symptoms we will notify everyone they have had contact with while at work ASAP. Everyone who has symptoms or has been exposed to someone who does will be required to stay home from work for a minimum of 14 days from the exposure or end of the symptoms
  2. Install a Covid-19 Safety poster on the entry door to the project site to remind everyone of the need to remain diligent and be safe for their sake and others
  3. Workers must cover their mouth and nose. GDR will provide disposable dust masks, or employees may provide their own
    1. Wear a new disposable mask or a freshly washed / laundered mouth & nose covering each workday
  4. Workers must wash their hands multiple times each day, GDR will provide hand sanitizer
    1. Just prior to entering the work site each morning
    2. Mid-morning break
    3. Lunch break
    4. Mid-afternoon break
  5. Maintain 6’ social distancing
    1. From CLIENTS
    2. As much as possible from other workers – realizing that sometimes people need to work together
  6. GDR will provide spray disinfectant and paper towels to clean the surface of shared tools after each use
  7. GDR will provide spray disinfectant and paper towels for workers to clean surfaces of materials that CLIENTS may touch, such as doors, faucet handles, toilets, etc. at the end of each workday
  8. No more than 4 workers on the project site at any time, but not inclusive of delivery person, code inspectors or similar persons who require temporary access to the site and are not directly engaged in the construction activity


Covid-19 picture