Most every man that has ever received a “Honey-Do” list will tell you that it isn’t the list itself that is so dreaded; it is the spirit of the list that makes it so despised.

No matter if it is going from husband to wife or from wife to husband, the list inherently has a way of saying “get this done or else.”

Let’s look at a new way to develop “the List”…

Perhaps the best way to tackle the “Honey-Do” list is to develop it together.

Take a lazy Saturday morning in February, brew a pot of your favorite coffee or tea, grab a pencil and paper and sit down together. This is a time that you can put tasks on the table that you both see needing to be done. Large or small, his or hers, now or later, everything is fair game. The first round should just be compiling the master list. Don’t try to assign the tasks just yet. Be patient that will come later. Just get a master list as complete as possible. When you both agree that the list is either complete or is a long as you can handle for now, you are ready to take it to the “Hybrid” level.

Declare the master list closed. Agree that nothing can be added unless absolutely necessary and agreed upon.

Look over the master list line by line.

You can discuss each item, looking at its priority level, timeframe, expected cost, completion date, etc.

The next step is often the one that can cause the most stress…assigning the tasks. Many times people try to do this equitably. However, this may not be totally possible, especially if one or the other of the spouses is more mechanically inclined. So take it slow. Some items may be obvious… “His”, He’s better at that, or “Her’s”, she loves to do that. Some of the most exciting things can be those that you determine as “Ours” tasks, things you will do together.

The fourth area is “By Others”. This often encompasses tasks that require more skilled labor or trades to get involved or is of a larger scope. Gehman Custom Remodeling wants to be your go to company when you get to the items on this part of your list. Be mindful that you need to be intentional about your schedule and take the proper steps to complete your project by the desired deadline. A simple phone call can start you in the right direction!

As you can see the “Hybrid Honey-Do List” can be a helpful tool in making your springtime chores seem less stressful and more attainable. Hopefully, you and your “Honey” will see each other as team mates and not as task masters.

Happy Remodeling!

Next Time… “Simple Spring Spruce-ups”

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