Kitchen and bath remodeling Montgomery County, PA most desirable projects, NARI honors Home Improvement Month with remodeling trends, motivators

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Montgomery County, PA

In honor of National Home Improvement Month this May, Gehman Design Remodeling (GDR) shares new data from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), placing kitchen and bath remodeling as the top projects in 2012—with a striking 85 percent of NARI members reporting both projects as a regularly provided service (at least 5% of projects).

The trends are part of the 2012 Member Profile Study, which provides a snapshot of NARI remodelers’ businesses and industry trends. New this year, NARI remodelers reported on services provided, frequency of project types and shifts in frequency compared to last year.

The data speaks directly to consumer demand in residential remodeling. Eighty-one (81%) percent of NARI members reported kitchens as a top three regularly provided service, followed by 77% for baths and  47% for additions. 

Dennis Gehman, a Certified Kitchen & Bath Remodeler (CKBR) and president of GDR notes a significant increase in Kitchen and Bathroom projects as homeowners are enhancing the existing space in their homes more so than adding more square feet to the house.  Projects range from a facelift to removing walls to create an open floor plan.

Most interesting are shifts in project popularity from 2011 to 2012.

Projects with increased popularity:

• Outdoor living/sunrooms (65% reported growth)

• Bathrooms (51% reported growth)

• Energy upgrades (45% reported growth)

• Kitchens (43% reported growth)

• Interior specialties (42% reported growth)



Projects with decreased popularity:

• Basements (36% reported declines)

• Additions (37% reported declines)

Close examination of the project breakdown and popularity shifts suggest motivations for remodeling are a tug-of-war between needs and desires.

Dennis Gehman says that wise planning for remodeling projects in order to save money and lessen the impact on the environment should involve Reduce, Reuse & Reclaim. Reuse materials when possible. Reduce the amount of materials added to landfills by Reusing them or donating them to a non-profit for others to reuse. Incorporate salvage (Reuse) materials from other projects. 

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NARI is the source for homeowners seeking to hire a professional remodeling contractor because members are full-time, dedicated remodelers who follow a strict code of ethics that observes high standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility.

According to results from the 2012 Member Profile Study, NARI members outpace the industry norm in sales, production and employees, when compared to professionals represented in the Home Improvement Research Institute’s (HIRI) 2011 Remodeling Professional Study.