Kitchen Update on a Budget

Are you dreaming of a newly remodeled kitchen? You long for new cabinets, countertops, flooring and appliances – and to knock down a few walls and rearrange the traffic pattern to get more functionality out of the space – but it’s just not in the budget anytime soon.

You can still get an updated kitchen without a full-blown remodel. Here are seven ideas to update your kitchen without busting the budget:

  • Pick one. Is there one item in the kitchen that you really want to update? Perhaps your countertops are falling apart or it’s your cabinetry that makes the room look tired. Pick one and update.
  • Budget countertop option. Speaking of countertops, do you like the look of the more expensive countertops but think you can’t afford it? Think again. Consider installing two types of countertops. Use the more expensive countertop (such as granite or other natural stone) for the island, which is a smaller space, and install the less-expensive option for the remainder of the space. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how nicely it pulls together.
  • Walls and windows. Give your kitchen a fresh look with a new coat of paint and new window treatments. Maybe you elect to fit a tile backsplash in one area of kitchen to create a focal point. With unlimited options for paint color and wall coverings, you can really spice up your space by focusing on changes to just these two items.
  • Flooring. Another option to refresh the space is to install new flooring in your kitchen. You can improve the look of the space with new laminate, vinyl or wood flooring.b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC_0073-150x150
  • Fixtures and hardware. A simple way to update a kitchen is by changing out the plumbing and lighting fixtures, and the cabinet hardware.
  • Appliances. Updating appliances doesn’t need to be expensive if you shop around and watch for sales. Consider what features you need versus which ones would be nice extras. Often the cost of appliances varies greatly by the “bells and whistles” you select.
  • Focal point. Do you have a collection that you want to display or a piece of art that would go perfectly in the kitchen? This might be precisely what your kitchen needs to give it a new look.

Of course, the Internet is a great resource for finding other ideas to renew your kitchen. Some popular websites are and The key to updating your kitchen on a budget is to figure out the best solution for the money you have to spend.