This year is going to be fun! And it started out that way for sure!


From New Year Eve, January 1, 2011, when three of my family members stood side by side in a hotel room (1.1.1) and watched the clock on my cell phone turn to 1:11 AM and counted out loud to eleven seconds so that we could experience 1:11:11 AM on 1-1-11, to mid morning that same New Year’s day when again the clock turned into all ones at 11:11:11 AM on 1-1-11, and additionally waiting till 11:11:11 PM to arrive while we were at a New Year’s Day event, I knew that this year was going to be special.

Not everyone enjoys this type of “recreational thinking” as much as I do. But I try to spread the joy of noticing the little things in life.

One example of this was recently I was traveling down the road after dropping my wife off at work and noticed that my car’s odometer was at 55,555! Wow! I almost missed it! I took a picture with my cell phone and in doing so noticed that I was traveling at 55 mph! Not too safe, I know, but cool none the less. If that wasn’t enough to blow your mind, I was putting my cell phone down when I noticed that it was 5:55 AM on the clock on the car’s radio! Needless to say, I snapped another picture to archive this monumental occasion.

So today…1-11-11…this wonderful little game continues. Join me in enjoying the fun that is numbers. I hope you had your alarm set for 1:11 AM, now you can plan a lunch break at 11:11 AM and then stay up till 11:11 PM and be a little crazy.

The joy of numbers will continue this year as we plan a party at our house on November 11th, 2011, 11-11-11. The party will definitely be going strong at 11:11:11 PM. We are calling this party “Tres Onces” (my apologies to all of my Spanish speaking friends) and it is being held at our house, which by the way is located at the following address… “3-1-1 W….”.  Well you guessed it…311 is our house number!!!!!

Coincidence? I think not!

Happy Remodeling!

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