Organizing is a great thing to do. However, what most of us do is express grief over the way a room or space looks and we often hate the way it makes us feel, but we don’t have a real plan of action to make it better.  So, we fizzle out in our organizational effort. We lose focus because we didn’t have a plan.

Use this entry as a wake-up call; a call to prepare a plan of action. Whether it is the un-cluttering your entire home or an all out single room remodel, we hope that this will provide the organizing solution you’ve been dreaming of.

Creating Organized Spaces Once and For All

1. Visualize – How do you want your space to look?  How do you want things to work for you?  What will you need to do to clear out the area?  Visualize where items could be housed.  Write down notes of what your ideal space looks like…What color is it, how does your ideal space serve you?  Visualize in your mind how a new look can best serve you and your family.  Make notes of what isn’t quite right about it too so that you can know where to tweak as you go and what issues to address in the process.
2. Inventory – What will you keep?  What do you see yourself using?  Get 3 boxes for keeping, donating, and disposing.  What items will work in your cleared space or newly created space?
3. Eliminate – Some things are really just unnecessary.  Consider the benefits of simplifying.  Having only what is useful and what you love, will minimize the occurrences of having to clean, maintain things that you feel lukewarm about anyway.
4. Create – Make homes for all remaining items.  Use baskets, boxes, shelves, wire baskets, or whatever items you already have that can be repurposed into a place to restore items.
5. Order – Put items away in a way that creates an order for you.  That may be visual with baskets, paper on cork boards, pretty boxes, containers, or that may be in the form of putting items in cabinets, armoires, closets…places that hide, but can still be orderly.  Place items that are close to where you will be working with them.
6. Identify – Take note of what is working about your arrangement.  When things start to back up and lose their purpose, notice why “…too much stuff, not enough of an effective system to keep things running smooth.”  Once you can identify how that pattern originated, ask yourself what you can do to create a smoother pattern.

Even in a newly organized space, sometimes there are blips.  If you’re asking yourself, “how did things get this way again…” and you previously created a remodeled space, rework your plan and be willing to simplify, purge, and containerize to keep that area in order.

Happy Remodeling!

Next Time…Cleaning Tips

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