Senior Account Executive  

philip_barbay-fullA Graduate Architect by training, Phil brings to GDR more than 30 years of experience designing and constructing award-winning residential, office, retail and health care projects throughout the Delaware Valley. 

Philip’s architectural background allowed him make an immediate impact to GDR by helping to shape our design philosophy. He believes that every project is unique not just because the systems and structure are distinctive but also because every family uses space in their own way. Whether his clients are: blessed with children, dealing with or planning for decreased mobility, sharing the space with multiple generations or planning to down size, he feels thoughtful planning is important.

The designers at GDR don’t subscribe to any one style but choose instead to embrace these principles that we feel constitute a good design.

GDR believes a new or remodeled space should:                                     

·  enhance the aesthetics, function and openness of the home;

·  be integrated as a seamless extension of the original structure;

·  respect the vernacular architectural context and the environment;

·  increase the value of our client’s investment;

·  incorporate durable, sustainable and responsibly harvested products;

·  meet or exceed our client’s expectations.

As a Senior Account Executive, Philip listens carefully to his clients’ dreams then helps translate those ideas into reality guiding his clients through the design and construction process toward the project’s ultimate fulfillment. An advocate or transparency Phil feels it is his responsibility to make Clients aware of all of the options, the opportunities and the trade-offs of every design decision. 

What Phil values most about working at GCR is feeling confident, day after day, in the staff’s technical prowess, professional demeanor, and moral barometer. He feels blessed to be surrounded by people and a culture that encourages employees not just to do things right, but also to do the right things.

When it comes to building “green,” Phil believes it is no longer a luxury but a necessity to incorporate sustainability into our homes.  He is convinced that a lack of renewable energy and clean water will become the two defining struggles of the 21st century and that unless we focus on solutions and alternatives now, our children and grandchildren will be continuing the battle to secure those resources.

Phil holds a B.S. in Architecture from Temple University and is a Certified Green Professional (CGP), a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS), a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Energy Auditor and has previously served as an executive with Realen Homes and The Quaker Group. He is an active supporter of land, watershed and historic preservation both in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Talbot County, Maryland.

= Certified Aging In Place Specialist