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Sitting in your Kitchen, you notice something strange. Things are quiet downstairs.

No more hammers, no power saws, no drills.

None of the workers came up to get their cup of coffee and the plate of cookies has not been touched.

That is when it hits you…it’s Monday morning and the painters and carpenters finished up the project on Friday afternoon.

The weeks of construction noise, dirt, dust and inconvenience are over! You get your privacy back again. And now you get to claim the new space as your own.

Hopefully, the project has gone the way that you and the contractor had planned. Even more importantly, the space has turned out better than expected.

After the contractor has handed the project over to you, you should take the time to do the following:

1. Take a walk through the space with your contract in hand, along with any and all additional work orders. Review the finished product in light of the project as proposed. Note any discrepancies or deviations that you need to address with the contractor.

2. Review any outstanding items that may be contained on a short “punch list.” These are items that are outstanding and need to be completed at a time yet to be determined. You should receive this detailed list in writing, accompanied by a financial commitment and a time frame for completion, as well as who is responsible for the completion of each of the outstanding items.

3. Visit each space. Whether it is the Game Room, Craft Room, Kitchen, Living Room, Home Theater, etc., to confirm the idea of the environment that you want to create in each space. This will continue the interior design process that was started when you picked the paint colors and the flooring way back during the selection process. Remember, don’t clutter every space with furniture right away.

4. Move in. Don’t be afraid to use the new space that is what you designed it for!

5. Throw a grand opening party. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing guests enjoying the environment that you created.

Let yourself enjoy the new spaces. You endured the inconveniences of the construction, now grant yourself the freedom to spread out and grow into the expanded floor plan that is your new finished Basement.

Happy Remodeling!

Next Time…What To Do With All The Old Stuff?

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