Priorities for a Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom is a fantastic way to reinvigorate your love for your home and raise the resale value all at the same time! Your bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. You’ll realistically use that room every day, multiple times per day. That’s why it’s so important to have a bathroom that you love! If your budget isn’t big enough to redo every part of your bathroom, use this list the prioritize what’s most important. 

A Custom Walk-in Shower

When you’re planning your bathroom remodel, a large portion of your budget should go towards upgrading your current shower. Showers are typically seen as a must-have for homeowners, while tubs are more of a luxury. Getting a custom walk-in shower will instantly make your bathroom feel luxurious! The glass enclosure allows your gorgeous shower tiles to be shown off while drawing your eyes forward and making the space feel larger. Your custom walk-in shower will instantly become the focal point of your new bathroom! 

Improved Lighting 

Add more natural light to your bathroom any way you can. If your bathroom only has one window, place a large mirror straight across from the window to reflect t the light even more. Bathrooms with no windows and minimal natural light should be brightened up using artificial light features that are designed to mimic natural lighting. Lights can even be added behind mirrors, under cabinets, and inside of your shelving systems to brighten up the space in a truly unique way! 

Large Vanity 

A large vanity plays off the walk-in shower and amps up the luxurious feel of your bathroom. A vanity with two sinks is ideal for the master bathroom. A secondary bathroom that multiple children or guests will share can benefit from a larger vanity upgrade too. A bigger vanity not only looks great but it also brings a lot of functionality to the space. More than one person can utilize the bathroom at once without feeling cramped. You can utilize the new countertop space for some gorgeous bathroom décor pieces too! 

Functional Storage 

Adding storage solutions that work for your daily routine in your bathroom is the best way to minimize countertop clutter and renew your love for the space! Baskets that go in your cabinets, drawer systems for skincare products, and hooks inside your cabinets to hang up hair tools are just a few of the low-cost storage upgrades you can make. 

Contact Gehman Design Remodeling today if you need some professional assistance transforming your bathroom! Our team has access to high-end products that will bring your bathroom design dreams to fruition. Rather you need a brand new bathroom or just a few simple upgrades, we’re happy to help!