Reasons to Add a Sunroom to Your Home

For an outdoors-loving person, the feeling of fresh air and sunshine coming into your home is fantastic. If you can relate, you’ll enjoy the idea of a “three-season room.” Or, to be accurate, the “four-season room.” Yes, we are talking about the “sunroom.”

If you’re thinking of getting one, it’ll be a major improvement from the traditional patio in your house. Well, it is true. Sunrooms do enable an array of functionality and live space in your house. Apart from the benefits to your home value, this valuable addition can serve a lot of entertainment and enjoyment purposes. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and easy-to-understand reasons to have a sunroom in your house.

Reasons to Add a Sunroom

House Value Improvement

Adding a sunroom might increase your home’s aesthetic appeal. In turn, it can enhance your home’s real estate value. Besides that, it is genuinely possible to reap the benefits of additional square footage to your home after a sunroom addition (keep in mind the tax increases per square footage!).

Natural Light Ambiance

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for you to sit under the sunshine and read your favorite book? Or, gather in the sunroom with your guests to enjoy refreshments while having important discussions?

Modern sunrooms, equipped with glass from window-to-roof, enable you to control the level of sunlight entering the sunroom. You can enjoy outdoor activities with your guests without worrying about harsh weather conditions.

Functional Space

With the addition of a sunroom, you can enjoy movies, dinners, and other fun activities. You also don’t have to worry about being stuck indoors when weather conditions are inadequate. You can still enjoy the winter aroma and summer breeze while sitting in your sunroom, controlling the amount of air that gets in or out. Cool, right?

Moreover, the idea of adding a sunroom is typically cheaper than adding a new room to the structure.

Studio Feature

If you are a creative person with a passion for things like art, painting, writing, or music, a sunroom is a feasible option for you to stay lively in your activities. You can always enjoy a refreshing environment while working towards your dreams. There is always room for improvement, so you make some finishing touches to your sunroom by adding fantastic décor. This way, you reflect a version of glamour that inspires others.


So, if you are deciding on adding a sunroom to your house, you should consider seeking professional guidance and help from Gehman. We offer detailed services for interior and exterior house designing; we can fulfill your dream of a luxurious and useful sunroom in your house. If you’re interested in a seasonal room for your home, reach out to Gehman Design Remodeling to learn more today.

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