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Kitchen Design

Gehman Design Remodeling specializes in Kitchen Design and Bathroom Design. Prior to starting any project our Kitchen Design and/or Bathroom Design team will measure your intended Kitchen Design and/or Bathroom Design space and give you some options as to how to lay out your new Kitchen or Bathroom for convenience, flow and beauty.


Kitchen Design and Bathroom Design are critical for many reasons. Years of comfort and enjoyment is at the top of the list. We also keep in mind your taste and all the critical Kitchen Design and Bathroom Design elements that reflect your needs and desires to have the best Kitchen and Bathroom design money can buy. Call us when you are ready. Our Kitchen Design and/or Bathroom Design specialists will work with you to develop all the ideas you need to beautify your home and enhance your lifestyle.


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About Souderton, PA


Souderton was host to the Univest Grand Prix, a one-day road bicycle racing event that is part of the USA Cycling Professional Tour. It took place in early September and publicized its association with Floyd Landis. This event was part of a weekend of longer bike races in surrounding towns. Participants were from varying areas in the United States, and foreign countries, mainly European. Italian, French and Flemish teams often returned to the race annually. Although the race went professional, there were amateur races earlier in the morning for kids and adults. In 2012 the race was officially discontinued in the Souderton Borough