Signs Your Basement Needs Renovation – A Basement Remodeling Guide

Basements are usually the most neglected part of the home. It is easy to forget about that part of the house because it is primarily used for storage for some people. If neglected for too long, the basement could turn your house into a money pit.

As much as the basement is used for storage, you can also turn it into the second living room. You can also turn it into an extra bedroom if you have a growing family. There could be a couple of reasons that might stop you from being creative with the basement space.

You may notice some obvious signs of basement remodeling after a thorough inspection. Doing it on your own could be challenging if you don’t have any masonry skills. You can always reach out to Gehman Remodeling if you’re looking for a complete remodeling.

1. Structural Damages

It is time for remodeling if there several structural damages in the basement. It could be the ceiling, pillars, flooring, and the walls that have been damaged. If left unattended, the walls could start bending which can be dangerous for the whole house. You might also notice several cracks that have developed on the floor of the basement. The damages not only make the basement ugly but unbearable to live in.

2. Waterproofing Signs

  • Water spots: This could be a clear indication there is leakage in the basement. It is a sign that something needs to be fixed immediately and it would be disastrous to wait. The problem may also be caused by grading which often results in water coming into the basement.  Water spots can cause long-term damage to the property if it is not properly addressed.
  • Cracked floors and Walls: Cracks, if left unrepaired, will definitely get worse over time. Cracks on the floor cause hydrostatic pressure because water goes through the spaces. Larger cracks could mean there is a problem with the foundation.
  • Chalky Walls: This is referred to as efflorescence. It is usually caused by minerals deposits which come about as a result of water seepage that goes through openings caused by cracks.
  • Bowed Walls: You will notice a bulge on the walls and usually curves inwards. Such bowed bulges can comprise the overall foundation structure of the basement structure. This is a problem that should be addressed as soon as it is sighted because it could lead to more serious problems.
  • Musty and Damp Smell: It is very hard to ignore it if your basement has a musty smell. It has nothing to do with the general cleaning of the basement. It is a clear sign that there is water has entered the walls or the floors. It could also mean that there is mold.
  • Mildew Present: You know you’ve completely neglected the basement when you notice there is mildew present. You should call for an expert if you ever find yourself in such in a situation because the problem can be deeper and the source will need to be identified.

3. Use of Harmful Techniques

There is a chance that harmful chemicals were used if your house was built a long time ago. Use of older paints, volatile organic compounds, radon, asbestos, and solvents are not only harmful to humans but also the environment. If your house was constructed years ago, there is no harm in renovating to give it a new look too.

4. Problems with Plumping

There are plumbing problems that usually come from the basement. If there is a leak with the water pipes or sewer, everything spills to the basement. It is for this reason why some people avoid to go to the basement unless it is completely necessary. Even if you decide to clean, that might not be enough because the water could have damaged the walls and floor. Instead of calling a plumber and renovators separately, you can reach out to Gehman Remodeling to have an all-inclusive solution. This will save you on cost and you can be assured of getting quality results because you’re dealing with professionals.

5. Degrading Elements

The elements could be staircase, poles, joists, and, doors. Due to wear and tear, these elements can develop spots, holes, cracks, and spots. This makes the basement look ugly and unlivable. The elements can become loose and start warping and splitting. This can be dangerous to the occupants of the house especially if the stairs are in bad shape.

Tips on Basement Remodeling on a Budget

Keeping the remodeling on a budget can be challenging. If not properly checked, you’ll find that you’re going way over what you intended to spend. You might start with the idea of remodeling the basement for a gym but you end up creating a fancy man cave with unnecessary furniture and equipment. Before you can even start the project, you need to determine how much you can set aside without hurting your finances. If you intend to use a contractor, you can always ask for a quote before you commit financially.

  • Project Scope

A basement project can quickly get out of hand because of excitement and working without a plan. There are three common elements that should inform the project scope and this time, budget, and the project itself.

If you find yourself going outside the scope, chances are also high that you might not complete the project on time with the finances allocated. Your plans might be modest in the beginning but you can easily be carried away with the milestones you’re achieving. Have a plan in place and make sure you stick to it allowing only for flexibility if it helps with the scope.

  • Research

You have determined that your basement is in dire need for a makeover. You can’t just start with the renovations immediately without researching what is needed and what to do. The research process should begin with how you’re going to handle the repairs first before anything else. The work might be too much and you’ll need to call a contractor. The next step is gathering ideas on how you want the basement to look like. Do you want to turn it into a lounge area or a gaming room? There are home improvement magazines, websites, trade shows where you can get inspiration.

After you have researched and visualized how you’d like the basement to look like, the next step is determining what you need to bring your vision into reality. Necessity should be one of the considerations when making this decision. For example, if you want a lounge area, how often would you be using it? It might make sense just to budget for a single couch if you are not going to use it often.

  • Open Spaces

Make open spaces your friend. You can never go wrong with open spaces when it comes to design. You can add walls to separate the gym from the office area but it might not be the best idea. There are costs like electrical, walls, doors, and studs which make the renovation very expensive. There is also the limitation of the basement because of the size of the room. Having open spaces not only gives you flexibility but you also get to save a lot because the costs partitioning can run into the thousands.

  • Flooring Options

Many homeowners like to go all out when it comes to flooring. You don’t have to go for the top of the line solutions when there are other alternatives that could do the same work and are way cheaper. One of the reasons why you should look for cheaper alternatives is because basements can be prone to leaking. This is an unavoidable situation and using expensive options could be costly in the long run. Another reason is there several good looking flooring options on the market that don’t break the bank.

  • Keep It Standard

You don’t have to go for customized options. Keeping it standard will not only save you money but will also keep things simple. You can repurpose and reuse when necessary. Make sure you’re following the law. Most countries require that there is an exit if you intend to put a bedroom in the basement. A simple egress window usually suffices.


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