Bruce Stout

About Bruce Stout

Master Painter

Whenever clients refer to Bruce, they immediately identify with his superior and creative painting skills.  Soft-spoken and diligent in his tasks, Bruce has been working with GDR for the last 25 years and has 34 years experience in the construction industry.  Previously he was a plumber/electrical buyer at a hardware store and was a department manager.

Bruce loves working at GDR because he’s proud to represent the quality of work that is done.  He also enjoys the variety in the projects he does and feels that Dennis and Glenda are wonderful people to work for.  Bruce certainly values the concepts in “going green” as he finds ways to make recycling more of a routine in his home and make it a priority to insulate his basement as a way to preserve oil and keep his home at a more moderate temperature throughout the year.

Bruce is married and has two children.  He is a member of Bethel Bible Fellowship and is active in the children’s program.  Bruce supports his children in their volleyball and baseball activities and he juggles in his spare time.

Master Shingle Applicator