Thursday, March 24, 2011 – Hash brown casserole for breakfast. Stan from Johnstown, PA lead devotions. I went to Mary’s house today. Brenda from Colorado and I grouted the tile floors that we installed on Tuesday. We took a break at 10:15 AM and Hank stopped by to check on things. We teased him that he knows when to come. He said that he’d be back when we sit down again. We finished grouting about 10:45 AM. Hank told me to walk down the road to another MDS house and put some blocking in for the bath tub. The house is framed with rough mechanicals in place waiting for the building inspector to give the okay to insulate and start hanging sheet rock. A 48” stall shower was installed but the owner wanted a bath tub so that change was made yesterday. When I got there this morning the tub was in place and full of water doing a pressure test. It didn’t take long to fasten pre cut 2” x 4” studs in place so the front vertical edges of the tub shower unit can be properly fastened.

b2ap3_thumbnail_MDS-Dennis-Grouting_20130117-172828_1  b2ap3_thumbnail_MDS-Tub-Blocking_20130117-172827_1

I then started installing pre hung interior doors. The first one for the water heater closet went great. Installing doors here is different because they use prehung doors that already have the casing installed on both sides with jambs that are split down the center with a tongue and groove to hold them in place. The workmanship on the doors is pretty poor. Unfortunately the rough openings were all framed to low so we had to cut 3/8” off the jamb legs and casing. When I went for the next door and found out that the doors on site were not the correct doors. Don from Johnstown was in charge of our project today so he put a call into Hank about the door situation. By then it was lunch time so we sat down to eat and in drove Hank. He joined us for lunch then we showed him what was wrong with the doors. Hank asked me to help him load the wrong doors onto his pickup truck. We took them to Home Depot, loaded them on 2 carts and pushed them to the return counter. While Hank took care of the returns I grabbed 2 more carts and loaded up the correct doors we needed. MDS uses gift cards for purchases and Hank came up about $25 short so I paid the rest. Hank said what if we don’t pay you back? I told him that I wasn’t expecting to be paid back. We got back to Mary’s house around 2:00pm. I set 5 doors this afternoon and ripped jamb stock for the two 4/0 bi fold units for the closets.

Our group got back about 4:20 PM so I could jump right into the shower. I had time and could get in front of a mirror, so I shaved for the first time since I left home, actually since last Friday morning. I do look better shaved. 88 degrees and sunny today.

Lasagna for supper with ice cream for desert. I gave the verbal update for Mary’s House after supper to the group, Glenda gave it for Larry’s house.

– Dennis Gehman


Happy Remodeling!

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