Welcome The New Year

The beginning of a new year initiates many things, two of which are “Reflection and Contemplation”.

Reflection includes looking back on the year that was and all the activities and events that shaped our lives in 2010. Looking at family life, births, deaths, graduations, weddings, reunions, vacations; work, economic challenges, business trips, career changes, meeting new people; news, local, national and international all of which influenced our lives; some for the better, some not so much. Reflection, while sometimes painful, can be helpful in seeing what was in light of what is to come.

Contemplation: “the act of considering with attention.” This exercise will serve you well in helping to set your course for the upcoming year. Considering the major components of life: self, family, others, career, finances, health, and activities, to name a few, and what you would like to accomplish within these areas, will allow you to focus on the big picture. Identifying and giving attention to the core areas of concern, will help you focus on what is important to you. In doing this, you can take control of 2011 in the areas that you can control and in turn, you will be better equipped to handle those things you cannot control.

Utilizing the powerful tools of “reflection and contemplation” brings focus and clarity to an otherwise blurry and jumbled mess we call life. After spending some time working with these tools, make sure you share your vision with someone. Part of the power of these exercises is being able to share the joys of accomplishment, as well as, spreading the load of hurt and disappointment as they arise.  

If during your journey of “reflection and contemplation”, you encounter the need to make changes to your environment in any way, we would be honored to lend a hand in creating a course of action that would help you attain the goals you set for yourself, your family and your home.

Reflect” on 2010, “Contemplate” 2011 and dream about what the future holds.

Happy Remodeling!

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