Whole House Remodel Hatfield, PA

Whole House Remodel project cost: $279,000

The motivation of this Whole House Remodel came from the desire to integrate the Kitchen with the adjacent Dining Room and the Family Room.  Notice the wall where the range sits has been opened up so the Dining Room now free flows into the Kitchen with a seating area so guests can enjoy the bar area and engage the cook.  

The finished bar top in the Kitchen is also linking the Kitchen to the Family Room so the party can flow across the entire back of the home! The project included painting and flooring throughout the first floor, Full Kitchen Remodel, Family Room refresh, and a Powder Bathroom remodel. They also wanted their paint scheme to have a beach theme, can you identify the sand and the sky?!

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Before and After Floorplan

Before floorplan

After floorplan

Before & After photos

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IMG_1570 w GHIY-2

Family Room

IMG_1563 w GHIY-33

Living Room

IMG_1577 w GHIY-27

Powder Bathroom

IMG_1574 w GHIY-43

After pictures of the Whole House Remodel