Whole House Remodel Barto, PA

Whole House Remodel project cost: $321,000

Jay and Lorie had lived in their Barto, PA home for over 20 years and although their home needed a lot of updating and a new layout, they had identified numerous high value variables that made this home a worthy investment.  Everyone’s home has variables outside of its basic structure that bring significant value and motivation to invest in an addition. Some of the variables identified for them included; family nearby, their neighbors and the neighborhood, their love of their backyard where they have a frisbee golf course setup, the detached garage, swimming pool, evening walks up and down their street. All of these variables create a home far more valuable than a simple Zillow “Zestimate” evaluation.  Their plan to open up the floorplan, relocate the laundry, and add a first floor master suite brought an entirely new living experience to their home and to their daily life.

To achieve this, we changed the layout of the first floor, opened multiple walls, and rearranged the kitchen layout to give the homeowners the ideal set-up for all of their hosting needs that they had been craving all these years. This layout also created space for them to convert their old living room into an office/1st floor bedroom suite. It also brought the laundry from the basement into the bedroom suite which expanded their capacity to reside in this home later into life.  One of our goals was to consider “aging in place” requirement as these changes will be helpful when they are older as they now have all their essentials on the first floor.

You can see all the changes in the before and after floorplans below. 

The project video & listen to Jay & Lori's experience with us


Before First Floor Floorplan

After First Floor Floorplan

Before & After photos

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IMG_4561 w-GLF-1

Open-Concept Living Room and Kitchen

IMG_4558 w-GLF-14

Family Room Turned into eat-in Kitchen

IMG_4566 w-GLF-17

Expanded Bathroom and Laundry Room

IMG_4578 w-GLF-20

After pictures of the Whole House Remodel