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New windows for your home, is a large investment and we’ll help you do it right from start to finish while offering the best value in the Delaware Valley. Gehman Custom Remodeling is the premier home improvement company in the area. Replacement windows are a forte of ours. We only provide the highest quality customer service and installation available in the home improvement industry. Our portfolio includes some of the most technically advanced products available in the industry, and we have an outstanding in-house service warranty and lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. With Gehman Custom Remodeling, you’ll receive the best service and the highest quality without sacrificing a fair price.

Replacement Windows are Clearly the Best Investment

A national research study examined the cost of replacement windows in an average-sized home. They looked at how much the windows would add to a house’s value if sold a year later. In 15 major markets, the average rate of the window replacement cost recouped was 91.6%. This 2002 research study, conducted by Remodeling magazine (a Hanley-Wood, LLC trade publication) utilized professional opinions of over 200 real estate agents and appraisers in the top remodel markets.

Replacement Windows Add Value From Every Perspective

Air leakage siphons about half of an average home’s heating and cooling energy to the outdoors. Air leakage through windows is responsible for much of this loss. Well-designed windows have durable weather stripping and high-quality closing devices that effectively block air leakage. Hinged windows such as casements and awnings clamp more tightly against weather stripping than do double-hung windows. But the difference is slight; well-made double hungs are acceptable. How well the individual pieces of the window unit are joined together also affects air leakage. Glass-to-frame, frame-to-frame and sash-to-frame connections must be tight. The technical specifications for windows list values for air leakage as cubic feet per minute per square foot of window. Look for windows with certified air-leakage rates of less than 0.30 cfm/ft2. Lowest values are best.

Vinyl windows are built to move. Vinyl windows have been around for 35 years. Vinyl is energy efficient, durable, rot proof, insect proof and weather resistant. It’s made with chemicals that inhibit UV-degradation. Vinyl is colored throughout and requires no painting. The knock on vinyl is that it fades, can’t be painted, becomes brittle with age and is thermally unstable (especially dark colors). Temperature changes cause it to contract and expand more than wood, aluminum and even the glass it holds. Vinyl frames have the potential for causing increased air leakage over time because of this movement.

Fiberglass-frame windows are showing up in a few product lines. Fiberglass is extremely strong, and because it is made of glass fibers, the frames and the glass expand at the same rate. Fiberglass must be painted and is more expensive than vinyl. Owens Corning, Andersen and Marvin are three major manufacturers that produce fiberglass windows. Owens Corning is the only manufacturer that makes fiberglass windows with insulated frames. But before you get too excited, the whole-window U-value for a low-E argon-filled casement window carries the same 0.32 rating for both an uninsulated vinyl and an insulated fiberglass unit.

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