Welcome To Our “Big Barn Of Beauty.”

We Turned A 19th Century Bank Barn Into A 3,500 Square-Foot Showroom That Inspires Countless Projects Every Year.

Come Visit—And Let It Spark Ideas For YOUR Project.

Let’s be honest: Many remodeling showrooms leave A LOT to be desired. Most are cramped, messy spaces with a few sample products, dreary lighting, and outdated interior furnishings—not exactly the environment you need to inspire your own project.

We believe a showroom should set the right mood for a homeowner planning a remodel.

That’s why we took a beautiful, antiquated bank barn from the 1800s and renovated it into the ultimate idea-stimulating surroundings for our customers. Our ultra-modern showroom inspires dozens of clients every year. Spectacular 26-foot high cathedral ceilings make the environment feel more like a luxury show “palace” than a simple show “room.” Eight shining skylights create positive-mood to get your creative juices flowing. Décor and interior furnishings produce an atmosphere you won’t find in any other showroom in the country.

And what’s actually in our showroom will give you enough ideas for 12 remodels.

Two gorgeous kitchens, one of which is fully functional. A beautiful master-bedroom suite you’ll fall in love with. A media room complete with a high-tech home-theater system. And dozens of cabinets, tiles, countertops, and fixtures samples. Our goal is to provide you with as many ideas for your remodel as you can handle.
Sound overwhelming? It is. But we have experts on hand to show you around, provide you with their own expert ideas and opinions, and answer any questions you have. Because at Gehman Design Remodeling, we insist on delivering your dream project in a way that’s pleasant and easy for you.
So visit us at our showroom today. We would love to show you around and help you gather ideas for your own remodel.
Sometimes we just have to get up out of our chairs and go somewhere to experience a change of scenery.
Our showroom was built in order to give you a clear mental picture of what our home improvements for your kitchen, bath or addition will look like completed. Let our showroom at 355 Main St Harleysville, give you the chance to take in some inspiring ideas for your home with our kitchen, bath, and home theater venues as well as selection options from numerous manufacturers.

Our professional team is here to answer all of your questions about the products you see in our showroom and how you can incorporate them in your home design.
If you have questions please click here for our ask the expert feature.