Our Process


The process will begin with a free in-home consultation with one of our Remodeling Consultants. We will discuss the project(s) you want done in your home, answer your questions, and ask questions of you as well. Our goal in this meeting is to build trust so that you feel comfortable with us.


Opinion of Probable Costs
After reviewing our initial measurements and photos taken at your home during the initial visit, we invite you to our showroom to view our Opinion of Probable Costs. This will outline the work you want to have done and budget ranges for the various projects based on the information we know at the time. If everything looks good to you, we ask you to invest in the next step of our process of designing and planning, and our design team goes to work.


Our design team will visit your home to closely measure the areas/rooms that we’ll be working on. Using cutting edge, 3D design software technology, we can provide you with a representation of the proposed project and investment required, along with helping you select materials, colors, and finishes.


Pre-Construction Conference
Before construction begins, we will introduce you to your Project Manager who will oversee all aspects of your project. He will be on-site each work day, start to finish, to answer any questions you may have along the way.


With remodeling comes dirt, dust and disturbances, but we do our best to keep it to a minimum. Your Project Manager will keep you informed for the duration of your project through on-site meetings at important milestones to make sure everything is progressing as planned.


Crossing the Finish Line & Warranty
When work has been completed, we’ll make sure you are completely satisfied with everything we have done. The confidence in our work is reflected in our warranty – five years on our workmanship, and ten years on structural items. If a problem should arise, we respond promptly, giving you peace of mind.


Let’s Get Started
We try to maximize what you’ll receive for the investment you’ll be making. In the end, we want our relationship with you to be like a friendship. When other people ask you about your experience with us, we want you to be able to tell them that is was a positive one, and that you are happy with the results.