What comes to mind when you envision the perfect ending to a crazy day? Many of us would say that we look forward to an opportunity to spend time with those we love. Sometimes we spend time with family and friends chatting in the Kitchen or relaxing in lounge chairs on the Patio. However, having a designated Family Room is a great environment in which to capture moments and memories of comfort, closeness, activity, relaxation, and connection.

Family Rooms are meant to show the family’s unique sense of style, be functional, and stage themselves in a way that is conducive to the types of activities that take place in the everyday life of your family. Family Rooms are a lot of fun to recreate and remodel because it can unleash your powers of creativity and allow you to experience fun in a way that best suits you and your family.  Family Rooms, by design, provide an ideal setting for activities for you and your guests.  Enjoy learning about what you can do to create your own unique Family Room!

Tips for Giving Your Family Room a Personal Touch.

    1. THEME: Creating a theme for your Family Room. What are your family’s hobbies? Answering this question will open a wellspring of decorating ideas. Sports, travel, music, art, movies? As you can see any one of these areas would offer many options for creating a theme that will reflect the interests of your family.
    2. ENVIRONMENT: What kind of environment do you want to create? Sports bar feel? Movie theater? Comfy and cozy? Sophisticated? Remember that this is the room that you and your guests will be spending the most concentrated amount of time in, so take control of what you want the room to feel like.
    3. AMENITIES: The parts and pieces that you want to include in your Family Room will help drive the design. A pool table, big screen television, Grandmother’s hutch, a grand piano, identifying the key components of the room will help define the space that you are working with.
    4. FLOW: If you ignore the whole issue of traffic flow, it will come back to haunt you in the end. You do not want people to feel trapped once they enter the space. Making people feel welcome sometimes means making the space accessible, both in and out.

Certainly this is not an exhaustive list and the list is as endless as the number of persons who are contemplating a Family Room remodeling project. That is what makes remodeling so exciting, you can make your space a reflection of who you are. Your Family Room should envelope your family in a way that not only allows for fun and function, but also can afford you a place to recline, unwind and reconnect.

Happy Remodeling!

Next Time…Greener Family Rooms

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