Stucco Repair in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Stucco can be a beautiful detail on a home, but if it is not installed/maintained properly, the result can be:

• Serious Water Damage • Mold • Dangerous Weakening of a Home’s Structure

If water can’t get out from behind stucco, then mildew, mold, and rot soon can undermine wood framing, windows, and doors.
Discoloration is a Sign of a Stucco Problem.
Rotting of the Wood that was Behind the Stucco.
Rot of the Wood From a Wider Range.
Inside View,Mold that is on the Drywall.

Here are some signs that your stucco may be failing:

Cracks, even just hairline cracks

Gray, black mildew stains on the stucco:

Floor-level bulges or humps in the stucco.Floor-level bulges or humps in the stucco.


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