If you are reading this with hopes of gaining tips on how to install that new deck that your wife has on her list, then I must apologize. This entry is more focused on finding creative ways to check things off that “Honey-Do” list than ways to do the tasks. But read on, you may be pleasantly surprised to find something useful.
If you have already received that dreaded “Honey-Do” list, then let me give you a few pointers on checking items off the list.

1. DO – Develop Categories: Get it into your mind that not all things on the list are able to be completed by you alone. Here are a few possible category headings.
1. By Me Alone
2. By Me With Help
3. Call In A Favor
4. Hire Someone
2. DO – Evaluate: Look over the list with the intent of classifying the items into the above categories. It is best to do this with a pencil, in that you may get into a task and change your view of the category that it should be in.
3. DON’T – Be proud or overly ambitious. Remember this list is better completed by others than not completed at all.
4. DON’T – Play all your cards at once. The “sciatic nerve problem” you used on the Christmas tree set up, probably won’t work again on the Spring Honey-Do List.
5. DO – Develop strategic alliances. The neighbor who seems to love to wash windows might possibly have interest in going to the club to golf a round with you. Just remember not to always be a taker. Offer your services as well to keep those alliances viable.
6. DO – Call Gehman Custom Remodeling and get on their schedule. If your Honey Do List has time constraints on it, make sure you allow enough time to get the project completed. Calling in June for a Kitchen remodel to be complete by your July 4th picnic probably won’t get it done.
7. DON’T – Delay. Imagine your Honey’s surprise when you hand her the “Honey-Do” list with the items crossed off.

Gehman Custom Remodeling would love to help with those “Honey-Do” list items. We can get really creative in working with your time schedule and help you to stay on the good side of your “Honey”.

Call today and…

Happy Remodeling!

Next Time… “Honey-Do” List – Hybrid

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