Professional Interior Finishes

There are so many possibilities when it comes to the materials for wall finishes that it would be impossible to cover in a blog venue. So I want to give you some general direction and some thoughts to ponder when it comes down to making the decision about painting, wallpapering, etc.

The temptation when getting prices for a remodeling project is to try to save money by doing some of the components yourself. Thoughts of…“I can do the demolition” or “I can clean up everyday” seem harmless to the untrained ear. But inevitably those thoughts often end up with the client saying “and I can do the painting too” or worse yet “my cousin Vinny painted his Garage last year, he can paint the Kitchen for me and all I have to do is feed him.”

Painting, or whatever wall finish you choose, is the final touch on the project and in being such should not be taken lightly. A carpenter can craft a beautiful addition including fine cabinetry and lavish trim work, etc.; however, if corners are cut during the finishing stages, it will never attain the wow factor that it was meant to possess.


Top of the line paint with low VOC ratings, wallpaper (from recycled materials of course), faux finishes, tile or whatever you decide to put on your walls, will be the finishing touch to the masterpiece that you worked so hard to create. This is what you and your guests will be faced with every time you walk into the room. You really want the cut-in lines to be straight, bleed over minimized, brush and roller strokes eliminated to be able to say that the finishes add to the beauty of the room, not detract from it.

Don’t get me wrong, wall finishes can certainly be a project that can be done by the DIY’er, but take into consideration what you want the finished product to look like and be. It would be a shame to spend good money to get an addition built; only to have “Cousin Vinny” put his permanent mark on your house for all to see. Think of it as letting a three year old put the finishing touches on the Cistene Chapel, not too smart; nor would it have been quite so impressive, even after all these years.

In closing, if you do want to tackle the finishing of your project, don’t rush it, take your time and do it right, you want it to look good. But more than that, I would encourage you to let the finishing touches up to the professionals, you will never regret it!

Happy Remodeling!

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