Reasons You Need a Deck Addition

Adding a deck to your home is a window of opportunity to enjoy different events and gatherings at your home. Even if you want to spend some time alone, they create a fantastic ambiance that’s sure to improve your mood.

Firstly, they are a flat surface attached to your house, usually at the back. It is capable of supporting weights while increasing the square footage of the house. It is similar to a ship deck but rather stationary. In case the idea of hosting fun family night dinners or reading your favorite book while relaxing on the deck doesn’t convince you, here are 4 amazing reasons why you need a deck addition to your house.

4 Reasons for a Deck Addition

Social Gatherings

A prime reason to opt for a deck addition is to accommodate large gatherings during events such as weddings, BBQs, movies, etc. For some of you, it must not be easy to let in all the guests at once. With a deck, your home gains extra square footage, which serves the purpose of increasing functionality space while staying within the property limits. Although it will require you to install railings and whatnot, a deck is a lot safer than a patio.

Cost-Effective Home Addition

Decks are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other home additions, such as adding a room, patios, sunrooms, etc. In fact, some cost estimates are well below your imagination, but ultimately, the material, size, and maintenance requirement will determine the total costs of getting a deck addition.

House Aesthetics

What are your home styling preferences? Choosing the materials of a deck will definitely amaze you! Although wooden decks provide a classic look, they require excess maintenance. Moreover, a composite deck contains several different materials, such as plastic and wood composites.

Composite decks are extremely low-maintenance, highly durable, and offer exotic/ natural variety of looks. So overall, a deck addition improves your home’s aesthetics.

House Value

It is critical to acknowledge that adding a deck will also increase your home’s value and not just its aesthetic appeal. For this reason, many homeowners feel inclined to choose the best options and varieties of decks.


Conclusively, aside from maintenance, the construction and installation of a deck are highly important. Furthermore, the materials range in variety, from colors to durability. Therefore, professional advice and assistance are significant. Give a call to Gehman Design Remodeling at 215-513-0300 to profit from our impeccable expertise and experience.

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