Recreating Outdoor Spaces: #3 More Accessorizing Your Space

Accessorizing doesn’t always mean things that sit on your Deck. Think about the space that you have and what you want your guests to experience while they are spending time at your home. Creating spaces that are interesting and inviting often means incorporating landscaping into the picture. Green spaces should always include living things, whether it is plants, shrubs, trees or the like. What you do with these components is really up to you and can go a long way in putting the finishing touches to your outdoor space. 


    1. Shrubbery – Using shrubbery as accent or focal points depends on your layout. There are literally thousands of types of shrubbery that can be incorporated into your design. What you are trying to accomplish will dictate the type of shrub you use. Here are a few usages:
        1. Privacy – Tall, well filled in shrubs provide a great barrier from the neighborhood
        2. Framing – Use various types and shapes of shrubs to frame your planting beds
        3. Accenting – A well placed shrub can be just the right thing to catch your eye
    2. Trees – Most of the time you will not be able to afford to purchase full grown trees to incorporate into your design. You can, however, take into consideration the existing mature trees that you have, as well as plant young trees in anticipation of what they will provide in the future. Trees can provide the following:
        1. Privacy – Different types of trees allow you to buffer your outdoor space from roads, driveways and neighboring properties
        2. Shade – Always look for ways to provide a place to escape the heat of the day. Remember, not all entertaining happens in the cool of the evening. Your guests will appreciate a well placed shade tree
        3. Height – If you are looking to build in different levels to your landscape, trees afford you the perfect tool to accomplish this. Low lying Japanese maples to the giant oaks and everything in between, are available as tools for you to use to create interesting and visually pleasing spaces
    3. Flowers – We hear about annuals and perennials and such, but what you need to know is that flowers can bring that special flare to your outdoor space. There are so many options in this category that you will just have to experiment and find what compliments your design the best. Don’t forget flowers can and should change with the seasons, and in doing so can drastically change the look of your design.
    4. Other – Don’t forget about vegetables and herbs. These plants not only can help create a beautiful and interesting design, they also can provide you with useful foodstuffs to serve to your family and friends.

Take the time in the design phase of your outdoor space to take inventory of your canvas. Filling the canvas of your landscape with items of diverse textures, colors and heights will engage your guest’s senses, allowing them to enjoy the environment that you created right in your own back yard.

Happy Remodeling!

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