Even though these lists may be steeped in mountains of folklore and jesting, they still evoke fear in the hearts of men across the globe. Though many of us men have never actually seen one; we all have an idea of what they look like.

“Honey-Do” lists can be categorized into many different genres. The easiest to identify and most dreaded would be the “Spring” list. This list is identified thusly due to the time of year that it is published. Even though the entries on the list could help classify this as a “Spring” list, solely using the entries for classification gets a bit confusing due to the fact that individual entries somehow find a way to migrate from one list to the next and thus blur the issue of classification.


While we could go into great detail in delineating the possible entries on the “Spring” list, it would be relatively impossible to cover the entries exhaustively. In light of that fact, we will dwell on general characteristics that will help men to identify, classify and avoid the “Spring” Honey-do list.

The name “Spring” may be a bit of a misnomer if you are thinking that it only represents the season of publication. In reality, Spring lists have been known to be published as early as the first week of January. These early lists are especially dangerous as they are most likely to include larger projects. The later the publication date, the longer the list tends to be, however, the projects therein are smaller in nature. The length of the list has a direct correlation to the time that the wife has spent cooped up in the house over the winter. So if you can keep your wife extremely busy outside the home through the months of December through March you will see a marked decline in the number of entries. Your goal would be to hear this statement coming from your wife’s lips: “It’s June already? Where did Spring go?” Bingo! Mission accomplished!

If you happen to be unlucky enough to actually see a “Honey-Do” list, our next blog entry will help out in checking things off the list.

Happy Remodeling!

Next Time… “Honey-Do” List Do’s & Don’ts

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