Tuesday, March 22, 2011– Dennis led the devotions at breakfast from Luke 4, where Jesus went about doing good works but He took time to get alone with God. It’s important that even though we’re doing good by volunteering with MDS, it’s important that we remember to take time to be alone with God and His Word. Hank is the construction supervisor from Canada. He found out that Dennis knows how to do tile, so there is more to come. Dennis finished the tile in Ms. Lulu’s Master Bath and then Hank took him to Mary’s house. Dennis worked with Steve & Brenda from Colorado to install the tile in the Kitchen, Laundry Closet, Water Heater Closet and Bathroom. The first contact from the Gehman Remodeling office came by way of a text at mid-morning. A quick 2 word text back answered the question. Good work and thanks to the Gehman staff at home. There was almost 2 hours of time left in our day, so Dennis tried to start trimming windows. That was hard because the only saw around was a coping saw that Dennis had in his tool box. So, all of the window sills are laid out and ready for someone to cut tomorrow. John Frederick and two other men were installing laminate flooring in the Bedrooms. Glenda Gehman & Dorothy Frederick were outside priming and painting first coat on trim. Mary stopped by to visit, she is so excited about her new house and so grateful for all that MDS is doing for her. Another crew was working just down the road on Willie’s house. The houses are all up on stilts about 3′ off the ground. Susan Landis headed up a group of college youth in insulating and installing house wrap under the floor of the House. They weren’t quite finished when it was time for all of us to ride back together in a 15 passenger van. So Dennis and a few others got under the house and helped to finish the house wrap. We had a picnic supper outside this evening. Glenda and a few others are playing a card game while I’m writing this blog.

Dennis checked the Blog competition this evening to see that we are winning with 53 votes and second place has 45. If you can vote for us before April 14, it would be helpful! See our website for more information.

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Happy Remodeling!

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