Wednesday, March 23, 2011 – Dan Freed lead devotions this morning, talking about how we can do nothing outside of Christ. Our good works are for naught without the light of Christ in us.

My knees are bruised and swollen and my back is sore. I grouted tile at Ms. Lulu’s house until just after lunch today. Then I hung interior doors. So, I got to work standing up which was much nicer. Tomorrow I will grout the tile I installed on Tuesday.

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We did get back a bit early today because we ran out of work that we had materials for on site. We usually get back at 5:00 PM. Supper is at 6:00 PM with a Bible study afterwards. Tonight, a man who lives in a house that MDS built is going to share his story with us. Lights are out at 10:00 PM; we are all ready by then anyway.

It’s interesting to see different methods of construction than we use in PA.

The houses are built on piers that are driven down in the ground until they hit bedrock.

Floors are insulated with fiberglass batt insulation and then house wrap is fastened to the bottom of the joists.

Many more hangers and straps are used to hold framing members together because of the high coastal winds and hurricane possibilities.

Clothes dryers are simply vented down thru the floor and out under the house.

Water heater pressure relief pipes exit under the house as well.

Finish flooring is installed to the walls even when cabinets will go over top.

Fiber cement is the siding material of choice.

– Dennis Gehman

Happy Remodeling!

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